Who is Aaryn Gries Dating Now? Nope, It’s Not Judd Daugherty

Since Big Brother 15 ended, HouseGuest Aaryn Gries has been linked to several potential leading men in the dating arena. After kissing fellow competitor Judd Daugherty at the end of the finale, rumors swirled the two were hooking up. Despite their canoodling inside the house, however, it appears any showmance between the two ended as soon as the after-party was over.

big brother 15 aaryn gries dating

So who is Aaryn Gries dating now? Well, it also isn’t — allegedly — Survivor alumni Russell Hantz. Although the two of them were spotted partying together earlier this month, and hanging out at a charity event, Aaryn says they are just friends. Fast friends apparently! So, if it isn’t Judd Daughtery or Russell Hantz, which man has caught the former Big Brother 15’s eye?

Well, we don’t know that much about him but apparently Aaryn Gries is dating a very handsome marine she jokingly called her “body guard” in a pic posted to her Instagram feed. Her followers have tried to get her to reveal more about her new boyfriend but Aaryn isn’t talking. In response to questions about the relationship, Aaryn replied, “It’s not a movie it’s my man.”

We tried to snag the pic for you but Aaryn has now made her private Instagram feed with the photo off limits without approval. Stingy!

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