Super Fun Night Pokes Fun at Big Brother Racism

If you haven’t tuned in for Rebel Wilson’s new hilarious comedy Super Fun Night, you are seriously missing out. We love this new ABC show for it’s wit, delicious dialogue and very relevant humor. Case in point, the recent mockery of the Big Brother 15 racism controversyin a short but tasty little bit on the latest episode.


For those unfamiliar with the show, Super Fun Night was created by and stars awesome funny lady Rebel Wilson. You might remember her wicked comedy skills from such movies as Bachelorette and Pitch Perfect. Super Fun Night revolves around three single women who celebrate a “Friday Fun Night” every week for 13 years until one of the women, Kimmie Boubier (Rebel Wilson) transforms it from “Friday Fun Night” to an amped up “Super Fun Night.”

One of the coolest things about the show is how relevant and spot on the humor is. It’s snarky, it’s in your face and it’s absolutely hysterical. Some might say the comedy verges on the offensive at times but it’s all about perspective. Many times when the humor is right on that line of going a bit too far, it’s really a not-so-subtle bit of social commentary about something that needs poking fun at.

For example, the Big Brother racism mention in the last episode, Super Fun Night episode 4 “Engagement Party.” In the video clip below, one of the characters comments how “the racists make [Big Brother] so good.” Another character responds, “Well, I’m against racism.” The amusing rebuke is, “I’m not saying I’m for it, I’m just saying it’s entertaining.”

(If you have trouble with the YouTube audio for this video — we did — you can view the video here instead.)

Do you think Big Brother 15 deserved the poke from Super Fun Night over the whole racism controversy?

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