Big Brother 15: Backyard Interview With Howard Overby [Video]

Big Brother 15 cast member Howard Overby was one of the most liked players of the game this season. He dealt with a lot of crap from the other HouseGuests, including racist and derogatory comments, with grace and a calm attitude — most of the time. On the other hand, many still question his treatment of brief showmance partner Candice Stewart and how much he was just using her for his game while talking smack about her behind her back.

Big Brother 15 Howard Overby and Jeff Schroeder

In his backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder after the Big Brother 15 finale, Howard Overby did not totally dismiss the possibility that there might be a continuing relationship with Candice of some sort going forward. Although, we note that he didn’t really say anything about the showmance evolving into an actual romance. Howard simply said he was interested to meet her mom and for her to meet his friends. From there, “we’ll just see what happens, man.”

As for what he is up to after the show? Well, it seems that Howard has already “crushed” a taping for an upcoming episode of The Bold and the Beautiful — following in the footsteps of Jeff Schroeder himself, who appeared on the soap opera with girlfriend Jordan Lloyd. Howard said it is a “great blessing” and he hopes more opportunities will come about because of his experience on Big Brother.

Regarding the Big Brother 15 racism controversy this season, Howard said there is always room for people to learn and there’s always room for forgiveness. People just need to own up to what they did and move on from there. “We’ve all made mistakes before in the past, so I’m not judgemental or anything like that. It’s just about growing up… If you really are sorry then say that, it’s not about the tears and the cries you do when you get caught, it’s about how you live afterwards.”

Are you going to watch Howard on The Bold and the Beautiful? Do you think he could have a future ahead as an actor?

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