Big Brother 2013 CastWho was evicted on Big Brother tonight hardly came as a big surprise to fans who have been watching the 2-13 Big Brother Live Feeds all week. Even those viewers who only tuned in for the CBS Big Brother 15 primetime shows could kind of see the writing on the wall. We have to give it to the producers for trying their best to make the house seem more divided than it was but after the Most Valuable Player was named this week, the outcome was almost set in stone.

WARNING: Big Brother 2013 Spoilers Ahead! This post contains spoilers about the latest episode and who was sent home on Big Brother tonight. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!


Once Elissa was named MVP by America and Head of Household McCrae convinced her to nominate David as the third person on the block for week one (joining Jessie and Elissa after she replaced Candice), we were pretty sure it would be him who went home on Big Brother 2013 in the first eviction round. Even though McCrae waffled a bit at first over the idea of getting Elissa out to please the rest of the HouseGuests, the smarter move was always to push to get rid of a strong player like David instead.

Backed by the power of one of the strongest alliances in the house, The Moving Company, McCrae worked the Big Brother 15 cast all week to make sure the votes were on their side to get David out. Elissa was still nervous the whole way through that she would get the boot, despite being in a secret alliance with McCrae. Meanwhile, David was feeling good about his chances until right near the end when he started to suspect things were going sideways on him. Jessie pretty much knew that she she wasn’t in danger.

In the end, there was no way David could make up the votes and the HouseGuests decided he would be the first person who was evicted on Big Brother 15. Here’s how the votes stacked up:

Amanda: David
Aaryn: Elissa
Nick: David
Candice: Elissa
Spencer: David
Kaitlin: Elissa
Helen: David
Howard: David
GinaMarie: Elissa
Judd: David
Jeremy: Elissa (voted against The Moving Company alliance, but with his early alliance with David and Jessie)
Andy: David

In his post-eviction interview with host Julie Chen, David says he thinks he was too likable and that is why he was the one who was eliminated on Big Brother tonight.

Vote for next week’s Most Valuable Player now and join us shortly for the results of the Head of Household Competition finishing up on the Big Brother Live Feeds right now!

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