Big Brother 2014 Recaps: Live Eviction and New Heads of Household! 7/24/14

Tonight, either Brittany or Donny will be the fourth Houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 16 house! Follow along with this live recap as we see who will walk out the front door and who has the chance to direct the game this coming week!

Big Brother 16 Houseguests Donny and Brittany (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Houseguests Donny and Brittany (CBS)

This time last week, Frankie and Cody were crowned Heads of Household. In an effort to rid the game of perceived floaters, they nominated Amber/Jocasta and Brittany/Victoria, respectively. The former duo won the Battle of the Block, and left Cody the sole HoH while Brittany and Victoria stayed on the block. In a surprise victory, Victoria claimed the golden Power of Veto and pulled herself from the block. While Cody promised Donny he would put up Caleb, he went back on his word and nominated Donny.

After nominating Donny, Cody became an emotional wreck and second guessed himself like crazy. After convincing Cody to nominate Donny, Frankie went to the new nominee and assured him it would likely be a unanimous vote to evict Brittany.

Brittany tried to campaign to her fellow Houseguests, starting with Caleb. She argues that she’s fought harder than Donny to be here and thus she deserves it. Caleb partially buys it, and tries to convince the other members of his supposed alliance to keep Brittany.

In one of the most emotional moments in Big Brother history, Frankie learned that his beloved grandfather Frank succumbed to cancer and passed away. He received a letter from his family detailing the loss and encouraging Frankie to continue to fight in the game in his grandfather’s honor.

Julie revealed to the Houseguests that the Have Nots are returning this week. Nicole, Christine, Caleb, and Derrick were the four laziest Houseguests this past week, making them the four Have Nots for the week. If any of them become Head of Household, they will no longer be a Have Not.

The Big Brother production team traveled to Nicole’s home village to meet her family. In addition to learning her nickname is Coconuts, we heard from her baby cousins, who think Hayden is weird because he tries to “make sex with her.”

Brittany made her final plea before the Houseguests went into the Diary Room to cast their votes to evict. The votes were as follows:

Jocasta – Brittany
Nicole – Brittany
Hayden – Brittany
Amber – Brittany
Derrick – Brittany
Caleb – Brittany
Christine – Brittany
Victoria – Brittany
Zach – Brittany
Frankie – Brittany

With a vote of 10-0, Brittany is the fourth Houseguest evicted from the Big Brother 16 house.

In her interview with Julie, Brittany talks about the house voting with each other to not alienate themselves. She believes there was an early alliance formed and she was late to the game. With yet another emotional tug, Julie brought out Brittany’s kids on stage to welcome her back to them.

The Head of Household competition was one in which the Houseguests faced off to answer questions concerning previous competitions. The winner of the round chose the next two Houseguests to face off.

Zach and Frankie came away with the win and became this week’s Heads of Household!

Julie revealed Team America’s third task: They must play the role of puppet master and instigate an argument between two Houseguests at either the nomination ceremony or the Power of Veto ceremony.

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