Big Brother 19-8/9/2017-Recap: Will Josh Become a BB Legend or Just Another Meatball?

Even a “meatball” squirrel finds the largest nut every once in a while, and the same holds true inside the Big Brother 19 house.  At the last Head of Household (HOH) competition, there was a surprising turn of events when Josh Martinez won the crown with luck on his side.  Now that he holds the power for the week, does he have the skills to mount one of the biggest and most remarkable backdoor evictions in Big Brother history?

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

If Josh plays his cards right with the Big Brother houseguests, he could realistically backdoor Paul Abrahamian and become a legendary Big Brother player. However, this is Josh, but stranger things have happened inside the Big Brother game.

Josh nominated Mark Jansen and Elena Davies to the Big Brother block this week. Jessica Graf is the third nomination because she lost the Temptation competition. After speaking with Christmas Abbott, Josh made his mind up to evict Elena for her role in voting against him in the previously actual live eviction. He tried to throw Elena off by making it clear that Jessica was his target for the week.

A few weeks ago, Christmas was granted the Ring of Replacement by America.  This power allows Christmas to replace any of the randomly selected houseguests in a Power of Veto competition.  She cannot replace the block nominees, but she can choose one of the randomly selected houseguests that were drawn to participate.  If Cody Nickson is randomly selected to compete in the POV, Christmas can use her power to overturn the drawing selection process and  replace him in the competition.  Considering Cody is an impressive competitor, this power could become very useful.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

When Josh shared his feelings about evicting Elena over Jessica this week, Paul went into power mode trying to convince Josh that this was the wrong decision. Christmas was on the other side telling Josh that this was his HOH and not Paul’s week in control. Josh was torn about whether to use Christmas’ Ring of Replacement or not use it.  Paul brought up a very important fact  for Josh to consider…if Jessica and Cody both make jury, they will most likely vote together and against Josh.  Christmas told Josh to blink hard if he wanted her to play that card at the POV selection ceremony.

At the POV selection ceremony, Mark was the first to select a player, at random, and he got houseguest’s choice and picked  Alex Ow to compete.  Next, Josh pulled Cody’s name  to participate.  As planned, Josh blinked and Christmas sprang into action.  She invoked the power of her Ring of Replacement and took Cody down from the competition.  Christmas will compete in the POV in Cody’s place this week.

Big Brother 19 POV

At the POV competition, the infamous OTEV is in the Big Brother house.  On an side note, Christmas was not medically cleared to compete and was forced to sit out of this event.  Therefore, Jessica, Elena, Mark, Alex, and Josh competed for the golden POV.  Each houseguest listened to clues given by OTEV, and then must find the correct number hidden in the backyard that corresponds to the correct answer to each question.  The last houseguest to arrive back to the OTEV base was eliminated.  The last houseguest standing won this week’s POV.

Right off the bat, Elena was eliminated from the game.  In the second round, Jessica is gone.  Next goes Josh and then Alex leaving Mark as the winner of this week’s POV competition.  Being that Mark was one of Josh’s original nominations to the block, he should want to use the golden POV on himself and remove his name from eviction possibilities.  If Mark does use the POV, Josh will have the ability to nominate a replacement to the block.  This is where legends are made in the Big Brother house.

Josh has untold power in the Big Brother house with the replacement nominee.  He has many choices, but by far the most intriguing would be to backdoor Paul for eviction.  Josh would have to convince enough houseguests that this was the right move to make.  There may not be any other opportunities to make such a bold move inside the Big Brother 19 house.

Big Brother 19 OTEV

How many times have we seen chances squandered and never return?  Will Josh make Big Brother history?

At the POV ceremony, as expected, Mark used the POV and removed himself from the block.  In return, Josh nominated Raven Walton as a pawn.  Raven and Matt Clines both volunteered to be pawns for Josh this week.

Josh will not become a legend, and he is still vying to have Elena as opposed to Jessica evicted from the Big Brother house tonight.  Once a meatball, always a meatball.

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