Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 92: Cliff Threatens Jackson with his and Nicole’s Jury Votes

This was a rather active Big Brother 21 Wednesday. We have come to expect campaigning every Wednesday, but we haven’t seen it this explosive since spicy Taco Tuesday. Cliff Hogg III decided to go out swinging. In the morning, Cliff and Nicole Anthony talked about how to approach the campaign to Jackson Michie today. Cliff made an attempt to appeal to Jackson’s heart on Tuesday, with little effect. Now he was going for cutthroat by mentioning that Jackson might not have his jury vote if he makes the move to evict Cliff and keep Holly Allen.

The conversation between Jackson and Cliff started off like usual with the hundredth rehashing of the deals, broken deals, honor, man of your word conversations. Then Cliff slowly got to the meat of his campaign with Jackson. He brought up that Jackson might lose two votes with this move. Whereas if he evicted Holly, she could go to the jury and advocate/campaign for him, while Cliff would actively try to turn the jurors against Jackson.

Cliff said he wouldn’t vote for Jackson in either situation–in final two with Nicole or Holly–especially since Holly kept her word by honoring their deal to throw the Head of Household, and Jackson didn’t honor his part of the deal to take Nicole and Cliff to the final three. Jackson became furious, but held it in until he was alone. Then he unleashed his angry over what happened to Holly. She reassured him that Cliff didn’t really mean that, he would surely vote Jackson in the end.

Jackson also mentioned that he would likely use his Power of Veto Ceremony speech to call out Cliff fot threatening to turn the jury against him.

Jackson said that this threat made his decision a whole lot easier . He didn’t like being threatened in the game or real life. He then told Nicole that Cliff’s jury vote threats really sealed the deal on Jackson voting him out. When Nicole got alone, she talked about how hypocrtical Jackson was and she was just over it. She also told Holly (not in those words exactly) the same thing. Nicole and Cliff told Holly how much they respected her for honoring her end of the deal.

Nicole also made sure to tell Holly a few things that Jackson had told her behind Holly’s back, like that Holly thought Nicole didn’t like her. Nicole said that she just wanted to play the game straight forward from here on out.

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