Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 12 Eviction Predictions-Who Will Be in the Final Three?

Unlike with last week, where we had absolutely no clue who would be leaving the Big Brother 21 house, this week seems pretty straightforward. Going into this week’s Power of Veto Competition, Cliff Hogg III was confident that he would escape eviction. He had a deal in place with all of the other three players to take him to the finals. Nicole Anthony wasn’t nearly as confident as Cliff, and her intuition proved right.

Once Jackson won the Power of Veto, he declared that he made it to the finals and planned to take Holly Allen with him. He just had to let Cliff and Nicole know his plan. He let them know on Sunday, which set Cliff up to try to campaign for safety.

Cliff’s campaign had a two step plan. The first part involved appealing to Jackson’s heart, sense of honor, and conscious. The second part would only happen if part one failed, and part one failed, so part two began. For part two, Cliff threatened to campaign for Nicole and Holly in the jury over Jackson. He also said that Jackson might just lose Nicole and his votes if he makes this move.

Jackson was already planning to take Holly to the final two, so this just made him even more sure of his move. Tonight, we expect Jackson to use the Veto to save himself, and he will then vote out Cliff. This leaves Jackson, Holly, and Nicole as the final three players.

Do you think Jackson will have a last minute change of heart and vote out Holly over Cliff? Let us know!

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