Who Was Evicted Tonight On Big Brother 21? (9/19/19)

Tonight, we will see who Jackson Michie decides to evict with his sole vote in the live eviction on Big Brother 21. Michie won the final Power of Veto (POV) of the season, and effectively won the ability to pick the last houseguest for the final three. Nicole Anthony is this week’s Head of Household (HOH) and already has her spot reserved along with Michie.

Big Brother 21

Michie’s choice is between Holly Allen and Cliff Hogg III, and he has made it very clear during his diary room conversations that Holly is his one and only choice. He did make a final three deal with Cliff to be taken to the final three, but he falsely made this agreement to guarantee Holly’s game was saved over Tommy Bracco’s. Does Cliff know what is coming his way, or will he be shocked by his eminent eviction this evening?

Week Twelve Campaigns & Deals

During a private conversation with Nicole, Michie came clean about taking Holly over Cliff to the final three. Michie explained to her that when Nicole and Cliff wavered about keeping Tommy over Holly, that did it for him. Nicole blamed herself for not seeing what Michie was really about in Big Brother 21. Michie explained this was a game they were forced to play by Nicole and Cliff’s actions.

Michie asked Nicole to keep this information to herself. She did not honor that request and went right to Cliff with the bad news. Cliff decided to needed to face the hypocrite himself face-to-face.

Cliff sat down for a heart-to-heart with Michie. Cliff told Michie that Nicole would get his jury vote over Michie. To add insult to injury, Cliff proceeded to tell Michie that Holly would get his vote also over Michie because she kept their agreement and stayed true to her word. He even went as far as to say that Nicole’s juror vote would side with Holly too. Then Cliff topped it off with the threat of persuading the other jurors from voting for Michie if he gets to the jury house. That will definitely help Michie to decide to keep Cliff in the game…NOT!


Jury House Update

Amazingly, Nick Maccarone and Kathryn Dunn have turned their hatred for one another in the Big Brother house to what they like to call a “jurymance”. Yes, Kat and Nick are hooking up. Nick must have forgotten about his earlier showmance with evicted houseguest Isabella Wang.

Big Brother 21

The jurors seemed quite impressed with Nicole’s late-game wins and strategy. A couple of them feel as though she is no longer floating by and actually may have a chance to get to the end. That’s what you need from jurors towards the end of the Big Brother season.

Big surprise, once Tommy joined the juror house, Christie Murphy and Tommy came clean about their prior relationship. Needless to say, the jurors were shocked. Nick, in particular, was very upset with the revelation.

Week Twelve Power of Veto Ceremony & Live Eviction

At the POV ceremony, Michie decided to use the power and take himself off the block. In his place, he nominated Cliff to the block for eviction. Michie cast his vote to evict Cliff from the Big Brother 21 house. Your final three is Michie, Holly, and Nicole.

During his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Cliff said he was very proud that he lasted 93 days inside the Big Brother house. He also admitted the mistake with evicting Tommy instead of Holly. Cliff said he was gullible and he fell for Michie’s playing him. That’s Big Brother in a nutshell.

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