Who Was Evicted Tonight On Big Brother 21? (8/22/19)

Jackson Michie had a clear plan in place the moment he won this week’s Head of Household (HOH) competition on Big Brother 21. He marked Christie Murphy as his one and only target and gladly nominated her to the block. Michie also placed the well-liked Analyse Talavera next to her on the block as a pawn to insure Christie would garner more votes.

Big Brother 21

After Michie won the Power of Veto (POV) competition, Chrisitie’s fate seemed all but sealed. At the POV ceremony, Michie decided NOT to use the power and keep the nominations to the block the same. Christie has said many times she could manifest the Universe to do things that she needed, and tonight’s eviction is no exception. Can Christie pull out another Big Brother miracle, save her game, and in turn send Analyse home tonight?

Week Eight Power of Veto Fallout

Christie vowed to expose Nick Maccarone to save her game. She blames Nick for orchestrating the deal last week to work with Cliff Hogg III. The deal included that Cliff would, in turn, go after Michie and Holly Allen when the opportunity presented itself. Christie feels as though she is paying the price for Nick’s actions.

Last Minute Deals

Christie refuses to campaign against Analyse, but she does have a solid campaign against Nick and approaches Michie and Holly with her thoughts. Christie explains that if her game is saved and she stays in the Big Brother 21 house, she will target Nick. Michie likes the idea of this because this buys him another week of safety. Could Michie possibly be considering saving Christie after targeting her for over a month?

On the other side of the house, Nick catches wind that Christie is dragging his name through the mud and is none too happy. He told Michie that he will not let Christie behave this way. Nick is very upset and heads off to find Christie.

As a special meal, the houseguests orchestrated Taco Tuesday which may end up being real spicy. Christie and Nick face-off in the middle of preparations for Taco Tuesday. Both Nick and Christie accuse the other of numerous lies throughout the season. Christie tried to force Nick into a corner and make him pick a side in the house, as he has been playing the middle of the road very well.

Big Brother 21

Christie tells the house that although Nick is playing games, she will let everyone know that Nick is her target. After the showdown, Holly and Michie talk alone and realize their game may benefit more by keeping Christie to get rid of Nick.

Week Eight Live Eviction Results

Jessica Milagros Votes To Evict Sis
Nick Votes To Evict Christie
Tommy Bracco Votes To Evict Sis
Holly Votes To Evict Sis
Nicole Anthony Votes To Evict Sis
Cliff Votes To Evict Sis

Big Brother 21

By a vote of 5 to 1, Analyse is evicted from the Big Brother 21 house and will be the third member of the jury. During her exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Analyse admitted she would have kept Nick safe going forward and feels that is what got her evicted. Sis hopes Tommy wins the upcoming HOH and can’t wait to get back to the jury house to see Jack Matthews.

Big Brother Twist-Prank Week

Last night, the Big Brother 21 house was given an opportunity to study for what they believed would be for the upcoming HOH competition. They didn’t know that the next twist in the Big Brother game had already started called Prank Week.

The Big Brother Birdwatching Audio Tour could be heard over the house speakers all through the night. A monotone voice named bird species followed by their call. The houseguests spent most of the evening memorizing these bird sounds in anticipation of tonight’s competition.

Week Nine Head of Household Competition

At the beginning of the HOH competition, the houseguests were told about the latest twist in the game and Prank Week. As expected, the houseguests were none too pleased that all of their bird calling studying was for nothing. Julie advised them that the HOH comp was skilled based and has nothing to do with birds and the like. Game on.

The HOH comp is called Prank Shot. The players must simply roll their ball down a ramp that gets smaller and smaller as it goes. The houseguest with the longest roll wins. They were also told that the shortest three rolls would be punished for Prank Week. Those to be punished are Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica with the three shortest rolls. The punishments will be dealt out at a later time.

Big Brother 21

Holly rolled a 50 during the first attempt which is the longest roll possible. None of the other houseguest could compare, and Holly wins the HOH competition.

The HOH, Holly, will be pranked by America’s vote. Fans will vote to give one houseguest half of the HOH power for the week. The winner will secretly nominate one of the houseguests to the block. If that houseguest is taken down with the POV, the prankster will nominate the replacement as well. Happy voting America. Click HERE to vote.


Big Brother 21

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