Was Anyone Evicted Tonight On Big Brother 21? (8/29/19)

Week nine inside the Big Brother 21 house has been quite entertaining with the introduction of Prank Week. Holly Allen won her second Head of Household (HOH) competition only to have her own eviction target, Nick Maccarone, secretly take away one of her block nominations. Nick won America’s vote for prankster and secretly nominated Christie Murphy to the block as the second nominee.

Big Brother 21

This ended up working out well for Holly as she had already planned to nominate Christie to the block as a pawn this week. With Nick and Christie on the block, there are only three votes needed to stay in the Big Brother 21 house tonight. Unless…Prank Week will save both from eviction this week. Stanger things have happened in the game before, and we are always told to “expect the unexpected”.

Prank Wars Big Brother 21

Nicole Anthony and Jackson Michie started Pie-gate of 2019. They are both sneaking around the Big Brother 21 house doing all they can to sneak attack the other with pies to the face. In the end, Nicole claims victory for the Pie Wars.

To finish off Prank Week, Big Brother has made scary clowns appear in the 2-way mirrors all around the house. Nicole is scared to death and is even afraid to walk around the house alone. The scary clown adds insult to injury by making birds sounds and bird hand symbols just to scare her even more. It worked!

Big Brother 21

Week Nine Last Minute Wheeling & Dealing

Nick was fairly certain that he has the three votes needed to stay in the game. He knows that he has Nicole’s vote. He assumes he has Cliff Hogg III’s vote because of how tight Nicole and Cliff are in the house. He thought he had Tommy Bracco‘s vote until Tommy told him that he promised Christie his vote. Nick is heartbroken over Tommy not having his back as he would have for him.

Nicole is starting to wonder if there is more to the Tommy/Christie relationship than meets the eye. She is starting to wonder if there is more to the story than them just being a duo in the game. Could she mean like them knowing each other prior to Big Brother 21? Like Christie dating Tommy’s aunt for years? Uh oh Christie.

Nick is doing his due diligence in fighting for his Big Brother life with HOH Holly and Michie. He gave his campaign pitch to them promising protection for the remainder of the game. He also promised to vote out Tommy over Michie if that was the case. Was it enough to change their minds from saving Christie to keeping Nick?

Week Nine Live Eviction Results

Michie Voted To Evict Nick
Tommy Voted To Evict Nick
Nicole Voted To Evict Nick
Jessica Milagros Voted To Evict Nick
Cliff Voted To Evict Nick

Big Brother 21

With a vote of 5 to 0, Nick is evicted from the Big Brother 21 house. During his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Nick shared he didn’t feel as though Tommy was royal to him in the game and felt very betrayed. Nick didn’t regret the fiasco with Taco Tuesday last week. He also shared that he hopes Holly or Michie win the game in the end.

Week Ten Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH is an endurance competition at the Big Brother Haunted House. The comp is called Hold On Fright and  features the all-familiar endurance wall where houseguests hold on for dear life while being bombarded with inclement weather, slime, objects, and the wall itself moving. This one may take a while so the winner can be seen on the live feeds or during the next episode. Can’t wait for the next episode, click HERE for our spoiler section.

Big Brother 21

Join us for the next episode this Sunday, September 1 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the remainder of the HOH competition. Next week is also double eviction week, so hang on tight! Fun times ahead.

Big Brother 21

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