Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 9 Eviction Predictions-Will Prank Week Stop the Eviction?

We are at the point in Big Brother 21 where you only need a few votes to stay. Only five people are voting this week, so Christie Murphy and Nick Maccarone only need three votes to have the majority. If Jackson MichieNicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg III, and Holly Allen are true about their new final four, then they already have the three votes to send whoever they need to send to the jury house.

Big Brother 21

Despite being somewhat annoyed by Christie recently, it’s hard to imagine any scenario where Tommy Bracco votes out his ex-auntie-in-law and childhood friend Christie. Tommy is close with Nick, but semi-family/preexisting relationships come before anything, especially for someone so family orientated as Tommy, so this already guaranteed Christie at least one of the three votes she needed to stay. She only needed two more.

Nick’s campaign this week has been fairly admirable and persuasive, but it looks like it won’t save his Big Brother 21 game. We expect the votes to go as followed:

Jessica Milagros votes to evict Nick
Jackson votes to evict Nick
Cliff votes to evict Nick
Tommy votes to evict Nick
Nicole votes to evict Christie

We expect the votes to go either 4-1 or 5-0. We can see Nicole giving Nick a sympathy vote on his way out the door…or will he leave?

The more interesting question this week isn’t who will leave, but will someone leave. This is Prank Week, so CBS may prank the houseguests and fans by cancelling the eviction. This works because in order to have a double eviction, they need some sort of Battle Back or cancelled week. This would allow them to have the double eviction next week or the following week at the official final seven.

If there isn’t a cancelled eviction this week, then most likely, there will be a Battle Back after the next eviction, a cancelled eviction soon, or just a complete elimination of the double eviction (which seems hard to believe). We don’t think Nick, or Christie, will be leaving the game tonight.

Let us know! Who do you think will be evicted tonight? And do you think there will be an actual eviction tonight?

Join us later tonight to find out if Nick or Christie go home with another Big Brother 21 Live Eviction.

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