Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 71: Nick and Christie Campaign for Their BB Lives

After a few days of pure nothingness, the feeds picked up a little yesterday with Nick Maccarone and Christie Murphy campaigning for their Big Brother 21 lives. Both are seen as dangerous players to the other houseguests, so it comes to who is more dangerous right now.

Each player went around campaigning to all the other six houseguests. Nick took the approach of telling people why he was better for their game than Christie. His main argument was that he was more loyal and he was better at competitions than Christie. The Big Brother 21 houseguests could depend on him and his transparency, but they couldn’t expect the same from Christie.

He specifically had a whole campaign with props planned for Jackson Michie and Holly Allen. He used the same points that he did with Tommy Bracco, Cliff Hogg III, Jessica Milagros, and Nicole Anthony, but he promised them more. He told them that he would be their protection (with a condom and all). He would basically make the rest of his Big Brother 21 experience about keeping them in the game.

Nick also argued that he would pick them over anyone else in the house, nine times out of ten. The only time that he might not, would be if Nicole was in danger. He also mentioned how he told Nicole to work with them, and if he left, he wanted them to take her under their wings. He also argued that he was the only one who could protect a big target like them, and that he felt slightly betrayed by Tommy, so he would have no problem voting him out over them.

After Nick finished his speech, Jackson asked him some specific questions that led him to decide that Nick still needed to go. He said the things that Nick mentioned were reasons he would win Big Brother 21 at the end, and Nick said things that they could use against Christie if they made it to final two with her.

Christie told Jackson and Holly that she wanted to work with them, but told everyone else that she planned to target Jackson and might nominate Holly to ensure Jackson’s eviction. Tommy suggested that Christie not nominate Holly, but nominate Nicole and Jackson. After all the campaigning was done, Jackson and Holly reassured Christie that she still had the votes to stay.

Among all the campaign, Jess decided to give Nicole a glamorous makeover.

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