Big Brother 20 Cast Impressions Part 2

Yesterday, we gave you our first impressions of eight of the 16 new players moving into the Big Brother 20 house. These 16 individals will be doing whatever it takes to win the Big Brother champion title.

Big Brother 20 Cast-First Impressions

Today, we’ll look at the final eight players, including Brett Robinson, JC Mounduix, and Sam Bledsoe. Now enjoy as we give our initial impressions.

Here is the Big Brother 20 cast first impresssions part 2.

JC Mounduix

JC is definitely an interesting one, but I think people will generally like him. He’s fun, he’s got an accent, and he’s really small. I am not sure that I expect him to do very well in the Big Brother 20 game.

On the other hand, nobody really expected Ariadna Gutierrez to do well in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but in the end, many were pulling for her to win it all. I think he may surprise us more than we anticipate.

I do not picture him as being one of the first few out because he seems non-threatening, but his body type is perfect for many endurance challenges. JC may end up being a more influential player than people would think at first glance.

Sam Bledose

I found Sam to be completely adorable and charming. How can anyone not love her? She comes across very kind-hearted but also ruthless, if Sam needs to be. I’d love to see her to do well.

Even though she comes from a very different places than most of the other Big Brother 20 houseguests, it seems like she can be relatable, as she was vibing well with Ross Mathews during their chat. I could see Sam being viewed as a big threat to win the game, and eventually that being her biggest obstacle.

Other than that, I would be hard pressed to not see her finishing well, and making a good impression on the Big Brother fan base. She’s almost like a young, female Donny Thompson.

Brett Robinson

For me, Brett came across very analytical and I liked the way he broke down the game and compared it to his career. My biggest question is how is he as a social player. If he views people as chess pieces, he might have some trouble, but I think he could do decently well.

I think for Brett it’ll come down to being in the right alliances or showmance, and being able to win people over eventually. There is more of an emphasis on the social game these days, and that’s what he needs to focus on more than anything else, if he is going to have a shot.

Kaitlyn Herman

Kaitlyn is going to be a lot of fun, and I think she may surprise people at how well she might do. Yes, she’s quirky and out there, but she did come across as very fun and personable as well. If Kaitlyn can tap into that, and not discuss crystals and energies, I think she could do fairly well.

I do like that she’s clearly a big fan of the show, and reality television in general, since that can really prepare people for what they are in for. Perhaps her quirks could even mask how good of a player she is capable of being, or it may not go great for her and she’s an easy out at the start. but I don’t think she stand out as much as Angie “Rockstar” Lantry or Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams

Oh boy. This guy has Devin Shephard , Jozea Flores, or Keith Henderson written all over him. Chris just comes across as too much energy and wanting to play far too aggressively to ever have a shot. I’ll be actually shocked if Chris doesn’t go home in one of the first three weeks, and I imagine it will take some clutch competition wins to make that happen.

It’s good that he’s a fan of the show but his promises to call people out, while it will make for good television, will not bode well for Chris’s gameplay, and I don’t think we’ll be discussing him for very long.

Kaycee Clark

There was a lot to like about Kaycee: She was calm, level-headed, well-spoken and seemed to be easy to get along with. I think she seems like someone that people can rely on, much like Angela Rummans or Sam, to be a calm or nurturing force. As long as she doesn’t stand out physically too much or play more aggressively than she’s letting on, I think she has a real shot to do very well.

It helps that she seems to be a pretty big fan of the show. I’m curious to see if she wants to align with the women or the men, or a little bit of both. I think it could make or break her game down the line.

Winston Hines

Winston didn’t exactly jump off the computer screen as a standout, but he has the potential to do very well. He’s clearly intelligent and charismatic, and I would be shocked to not see him in a showmance with Haleigh Broucher, Angela, or Rachel Swindler.

I think his best shot is to not get involved, or if his showmance was to get out of the game early, so that might be his downfall, but there are really no glaring obvious weaknesses otherwise to see here.

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry

Last but not least is Angie Rockstar, who is a standout in appearance, name, and personality. I think a lot of people expect to see her go the way of one of her favorites, Joey Van Pelt, and it’s very possible. I think Angie has some people in there that she could bond very well with, and that might be her best chance in sticking around.

If the game gets intense early and people start gunning for threats instead of people that stand out, she could do better than people expect, but I wouldn’t hold out hope. She’ll give us some good television for however long Angie is there for at least.

And that’s a wrap on our new Big Brother houseguests assessment. Let us know if you agree or disagree with our thoughts, and share yours!

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