Big Brother 17 Recap: Final HoH Competition & Memory Lane

We already know from Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds what happened in rounds one and two of the final Head of Household Competition. However, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t wait to watch the CBS Big Brother show on Sunday night as final three Houseguests Steve Moses, Vanessa Rousso, and Liz Nolan hung on for dear life to win!

Big Brother 17 final Head of Household competition round 1 (CBS)

We were curious to see what parts of the four hour long first round of the HoH CBS would show. There were some interesting moments between Vanessa and the other Houseguests, especially at the end, that we wondered if CBS would air. Plus, the network promised to air new camera footage as part of the annual ‘Memory Lane’ segment.

Yes, it’s that time again. With only two shows left of Big Brother 2015, it’s time for the Houseguests to sit down for drinks and talk us through the season so far. We’ll have random footage from throughout the season, largely made up of the most dramatic and silliest moments of Big Brother 17.

At the end of the show, we’ll be left with the winner of the first round of the final Head of Household Competition. The second round and third round will air on Wednesday night. Whichever Houseguest wins the last round will get to choose who they take with them to the final two. Then, after the live vote, the next Big Brother winner of a half million dollars will be announced.

We can’t believe we’re so close to the end of the season already! Tune in with us right here on Sunday night for our live recap of the second to the last episode of Big Brother 2015!

When we last saw our intrepid Houseguests on the CBS Big Brother TV show Wednesday night, Johnny Mac got the boot off to Jury. The first round of the final Head of Household Competition didn’t kick off until quite a while after the show was over on the east coast. It was an endurance competition that lasted for almost four hours. CBS will condense that down to highlights for the show this evening.

Vanessa is really pleased at John getting evicted and feels pretty confident that she will make it to the final two with either Steve or Liz. She thinks they would both honor their final two deals with her.

Of course, Vanessa tells Steve that she’s never had any final two deal with Liz. Lying through her teeth, because that’s how Vanessa got this far, so why stop now?

Now we have our champagne brunch and walk down Memory Lane with Liz, Steve, and Vanessa. Steve just wants a “tiny drop” of champagne and gives a toast to the Scamper Squad. Vanessa so far comes across like she’s hosting the whole thing. No surprise there. We would like to note that this brunch actually happened AFTER the first round of the final Head of Household Competition. They are airing events out of order.

We have a bit about the Twin Twist with Liz and Julia. Da’Vonne and Jason figuring out what was going on and pointing out the differences between them. Then, of course, a segment on Vanessa and her getting into fights and crying drama, etc. It’s hard to really know how things look from inside the house, but from outside, Vanessa’s manipulations seem SO obvious.

More of Vanessa behind nearly every bit of major drama and every eviction in the house. Then we have some LizTin footage and we really did NOT need to see any of that again. Much cuter to watch is the fun friendship (and crush on James’ part) of James and Meg through the season. More of that, less of Liztin please! Then we have some Steve/John bromance going on and we really wish they’d ended up in the final two together — even if Vanessa does deserve it more.

Now we have some Shelli and Clay showmancing footage, which at least isn’t as slightly ooky as watching LizTin. Liz says she feels bad they ended up on the block together, but we don’t believe her. Oh and more fun, the fight between James and Clay that was basically all about Meg. That was fun.

Up next is some Trainwreck Becky and her whole story on how her face got plowed by a locomotive. And we are sitting here wishing CBS Big Brother would be over with this recapping already. There were four hours of the first round of the final Head of Household Competition, and the way this is going, we aren’t even going to see more than a few minutes of it. That is entirely lame.

And more recapping of Clay mumbling, and Audrey blanketing, and we’re just done with this whole clips episode. No point in rehashing all of this. Hopefully the Head of Household competition round will begin soon.

Finally after way more recapping than we needed, and with barely any show left, we get some unseen footage from the Diary Room sessions. We love how CBS shows Vanessa saying she kept it real in the Diary Room, when she said on the Live Feeds she lies in DR.

So we’ve basically got five minutes left of the show and just a tiny glimpse of the Head of Household Competition round one. What a long, mostly very boring episode with very little point to it.

If you want to know the Big Brother spoilers for what happened during the first part of the final HoH challenge, you can get those here, since CBS is apparently not going to show it tonight. You can even jump ahead and find out what happens in part two if you want those spoilers as well.

That’s a wrap.

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