Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 17 Highlights: Josh Finds Himself in a Pickle

Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez are arguably the most dramatic people in the Big Brother 19 house. That says a lot considering all the drama we have witnessed in the last three weeks on Big Brother 19. The two men started the season as friendly-ish. However, Mark, Jason Dent, Josh, and Ramses Soto all became Have-Nots this week. This is where the Big Brother 19 conflict began.

big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez

Since then, there has been some hostility between the two men. Tension boiled over the first night, when Paul Abrahamian pulled a prank on Josh, but Mark got criticized for it. Yesterday in the Big Brother 19 house, things escalated even further between Josh and Mark.

Power of Veto: Before and After

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, Dominique Cooper

The Big Brother 2017 day started with Head of Household Alex Ow and Power of Veto holder Jason discussing their Power of Veto plans. Jason stuck with his decision not to use the Power of Veto.

Alex wanted to make sure they kept Paul in the loop about it, but Jason dismissed that suggestion. He doesn’t like the control Paul has over Alex and the game.

During the Power of Veto ceremony, Dominique Cooper apparently gave a speech where she called out Paul’s minions. Elena Davies was one of the main people Dominique threw under the bus during this speech.

Post-Power of Veto, this lead to an argument between Dominique and Elena, and later Christmas Abbott and Dominique.

Josh Versus Mark and the Entire House

Big Brother 19 Cast

Mark and Josh played a game of pool. The game turned into a conflict when Mark claimed Josh lost, but Josh denied it. Mark then makes a scene by insisting Josh lost, and he wasn’t being a man of his word. Mark throws pickle juice and hot sauce right in Josh’s face.

Josh retaliates with condiments, specifically ketchup and ranch. After this, Mark tried to hug Josh and move on from the whole situation. Josh was not having it. It lead to Josh going off on Mark.

He went to the pool to calm down but the arguing continued. Eventually, everyone gathered around the backyard. Jessica Graf and Eugina Elena chimed in, and Josh started arguing with them.

When it all concluded, a few players discussed how Josh made himself a target going into next week’s Big Brother 19 game.

Jessica Plays Nice

Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper

Since Cody Nickson’s departure, Jessica has been doing a great job of incorporating herself within the Big Brother 19 group. She’s done a good job of making Dominique feel like she can trust her. Jessica even told Christmas that she doesn’t want Dominique to feel alone because that’s what happened to her and Cody last week.

Jessica also has been telling players the truth about players like Raven Walton’s behavior. Yesterday, she told Josh how some of the women, specifically Raven, said he peaked on them in the shower.

Jessica has been doing a good job to set herself up as less of a target. However, this may change depending on who wins the Battle Back competition.

Other Highlights

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow, Ramses Soto, Jason Dent

Josh told the outsiders that if he wins HOH, he plans to put up Matt Cline and Mark.

Raven still wants Jessica out next, but everyone else seems to have moved on from targetting her.

Dominique gave a long goodbye-esque speech to the Live Feed watchers.

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