Big Brother 19: Week 3 Alliance Updates-Alex and Paul Control the Board

Week three inside the Big Brother 19 house has seen only a few subtle changes to the alliances and deals between the houseguests.  Aside from these small shifts, the Big Brother 19 house is still predominately split down the middle between the “Outsiders,” with Alex Ow as the leader of that team, and the “Team” with Paul Abrahamian running this side.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Alex Ow

The most interesting development over the last Big Brother 2017 week  has been the secret deal/alliance between Paul and Alex.  They are controlling the Big Brother house. None of the other houseguests seem to have a clue.

Last week Paul had complete control over the Big Brother house; he dominated the competitions thanks to his minions helping him. Paul solicited Alex to become a pawn, so that he could backdoor Cody Nickson.  The plan played out perfectly.  An unexpected perk of this plan was the relationship Alex and Paul established, and it seems to be quite beneficial to both of their games.  This is particularly true since Alex won this week’s Head of Household competition. This gave the pair control over the Big Brother house for the second week in a row.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf annd Cody Nickson

Now that Cody has been evicted from the Big Brother house, his showmance partner, Jessica Graf, has not been able to connect with either side of the house.  Jason Dent encouraged Alex to befriend Jessica to add another houseguest to their side of the house.  The secret relationship Alex has with Paul prohibited Alex from making that move.  Instead, she did quite the opposite and showed some loyalty to the other side of the house by nominating Jessica this week.

Once Paul spilled the beans that Dominique Cooper and Mark Jansen were fully aware of Cody’s  plan to backdoor Paul, Dominique was quick to fall out of grace with Paul’s side.  Alex and Paul both agreed that Mark and Dominique are shady players who could not be trusted in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 19 Alliances
Image Courtesy of @89razorskate20

In the end, they agreed Dominique was more of a competitive threat to their games than Mark.  Consequently, they decided Dominique should be the target this week: she was nominated and went on the block.  If she is able to win the Power of Veto  competition, and takes herself off the block, Alex will simply replace her  with Mark.

Paul still has a solid relationship with Kevin Schlehuber, and the two are much closer than anyone in the house is aware.  Dominique and Jessica are mostly unattached to either side of the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 19 Dominique Cooper and Jessica Graf

Alex is doing a good job of keeping peace within the Big Brother 19 house.  However, this is Big Brother, and past experience tells us that peace typically doesn’t last very long.  Now we just have to wait for the next disruption in the house to occur.  We will stay glued to the Big Brother Live Feeds in anticipation. If you miss any of the Big Brother 19 action, you can find all the updates on Big Brother Access.

Check back next week for the Big Brother 19 week four alliance updates.

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