Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 18 Highlights: Alex’s Four Week Target Plan

This Big Brother 19 week has been filled with drama, from Paul Abrahamian dressing up like a snake to mock Dominique Cooper to Josh Martinez and Mark Jansen arguing after a pool match. It’s been non-stop Big Brother 2017 action…until now.

Big Brother 19 Cast

We had one of the quietest days all season. Even last week with Cody Nickson’s predictable Big Brother 19 exit, we had more to entertain us. However, despite the boring day, we know there are two possible storms brewing in the Big Brother 19 universe. So these houseguests should enjoy the downtime now before all hell breaks loose.

Dominique Gives Josh Advice

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Josh and Jessica Graf have been the only Big Brother 19 players that make an effort to talk to Dominique. Dominique and Josh generally talk about personal matters. After Josh’s big blow up with Mark, Jessica, and Elena Davies, he was feeling uncertain about his future in the Big Brother 19 game.

They also talked about whether Raven Walton really made claims about Josh peeking on women in the shower. Dominique confirmed these accusations, and Josh broke down. Dominique told him to keep his head held high and to keep fighting. They also talked about their respect and opinion of Mark changing this week: they were losing respect for him for completely ignoring Dominique.

More Target Plotting

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton and Matt Clines

Everyone just spills their target plan without a second thought about it. Today, Mark and Matt Clines shared a little of their plans. Obviously, Mark plans to get rid of Josh on his Head of Household. Today, Matt and Raven discussed targetting Jessica a lot. Matt seems not as antsy as he once was about getting her out. He even discussed just going after Josh or Ramses Soto next.

Raven seemed more convinced that Jessica has to go. She also tried to plant the seeds in Elena’s head that Jessica must go next. Jessica has been very flirty with Matt, and seems to be regaining her place as Elena’s close friend. We think Raven’s plan to get Jessica out might be a little green.

At one point, Alex speaks to several players about a four week plan to target Jessica, Josh, Ramses, and Christmas Abbott. Most players on Paul’s side agreed to it, but the Outsiders have different goals and targets.

Ramses Speaks to Us

Big Brother 19 Ramses Soto

Ramses took some time out to talk to the Big Brother 19 Live Feed watchers about his game (and almost burnt the kitchen down in the process). He talked about knowing that he sucks at Big Brother but going forward he has a plan. Ramses wants to play up his nerdiness and just come off weird. He wants them to think he’s naive and not a threat.

This could work but Ramses had a similar plan going into the season, and his target is still very big. He talked about needing to win a Head of Household competition or needing a Den of Temptation power, or even a secret veto to really build relationships and start making moves.

Ramses also mentioned how the only people he sort of trusts is Jason Dent and Alex Ow. He took some credit for Dominique’s potential eviction. He stated that he influenced Alex’s decision to nominate Dominique. No Ramses, that was Paul.

Mark and Josh Make Good?

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen

Late at night, Mark and Josh apologized for their behavior the other day. We had a rehash of events, and Mark saying he was just trying to have fun. He didn’t think Josh would take it that serious.

Nothing was really resolved from the conflict because Josh still told the Outsiders that he would nominate Mark. However, he insists that Matt is his real target. A lot of people want to see what Josh does with power, so we’ll see if he wins tomorrow’s (or Friday’s?) Head of Household competition. It could be an interesting week with Josh in power.

Note: Because of the Battle Back competition, Big Brother 19 Live Feeds go off on Thursday until very late on Friday night. There may not be a Live Feeds updates for Thursday (usually posted on Friday), and possibly a very small one on Friday. We’ll resume regular daily Big Brother Live Feeds updates on Saturday.

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