Big Brother 19: Who Will Win the Den of Temptation’s Halting Hex?

The Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation helped create one of the most jaw dropping opening weeks of Big Brother. The week might have still produced an exciting outcome with another blindside eviction, but the Pendant of Protection helped make it a well-rounded week, with many layers of fun.

Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation

Early in the Big Brother 2017 season, a leak exposed the powers of the Ring of Replacement and the Halting Hex. We knew the Ring would not create as much excitement as the Hex.

On Sunday’s episode, Christmas Abbott won the Ring, and she hasn’t used it yet. And we don’t expect her to activate the ring anytime soon: Christmas is in the majority alliance, so she shouldn’t become a target anytime soon.

During Sunday’s episode, CBS announced that the poll had opened for fans to vote on who to temp with the Halting Hex. This Den of Temptation reward allows one player to cancel one of the next four evictions (the four following the upcoming one on Thursday). A Big Brother houseguest can cancel the eviction whether he or she is on the block or not.

Last week Christmas led all the fan polls, but Alex Ow was a close second. We expected Christmas to eventually get the Ring of Replacement, especially with the casual fan vote bump on Wednesday and Thursday night. We don’t think Alex’s fandom has gone down in a week. If anything, she has probably become even more popular.

According to the Big Brother Network’s poll, Alex will win the Halting Hex. Kevin Schlehuber is a distant second place, followed by Matthew Clines and Mark Jansen. We don’t expect the casual fans to vote for Mark or Matthew, so this may all come down to an Alex Vs. Kevin battle. However, we expect Alex to win this vote by a landslide.

The only real opposition may come from #TeamFunFeeds, #TeamDominique, or #TeamRamses. Some people are campaigning for Jessica Graf to get this power. Once Cody leaves, she is the Big Brother 19 houseguest most in jeopardy of eviction. Therefore many fans have been rooting for her to stay in the house just to keep the drama in it.

Dominique Cooper has a lot of fans, and they’re a little worried that someone on the outsider side will strike at her first. Yes, even before Paul Abrahamian and the showmances. They want to give her the Hex to ensure her safety.

Big Brother 19 fans want to root for Ramses Soto because they are tired of Paul and crew (and even some outsiders) treating him with such disregard. The desperate Ramses needs a miracle. The Halting Hex could be it.

The Live Feed Correspondants on Rob Has a Podcast speculated that the Battle Back might relate to the Halting Hex. Maybe, once a player takes the Halting Hex, it activates the Battle Back. This would explain why the voting lasts until July 19, because the Battle Back then (possibly) start airing on July 21.

The houseguests have speculated that there will only be three Den of Temptation prizes and curses. However, CBS never told fans how long this Big Brother 2017 twist lasts. In the off chance that this is the last Den of Temptation, make sure you don’t forget to vote for this very critical prize. It could save your favorite from being evicted from the Big Brother 19 house.

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