Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 11 Highlights: Paul Plans a Hinky Vote

Yesterday, Dominique Cooper celebrated her birthday in the Big Brother 19 house, Jessica Graf attempted an amends, and Big Brother 19 Live Feed watchers got an update on Christmas Abbott’s surgery. With Paul Abrahamian’s plan going off without flaws, a little of the excitement that happened in the first week left the Big Brother 2017 house, but now the excitement trajectory seems on an upward movement.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Christmas Abbott

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Now catch up on all the main events from the Big Brother Live Feeds:

A Confrontational Veto

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

All week, Josh Martinez talked about making a speech during the Power of Veto ceremony. He wanted to call out Cody Nickson and Jessica. Sometimes Josh is more talk than action, so no one was quite sure if he would do it. However, after Paul took him off the block and put Cody in his place, Josh stood up and gave a speech.

Once his speech ended, Jessica went on defense mode. The Big Brother 19 Live Feeds returned to Jessica and Josh arguing because of what he said to them. Eventually, the arguing stopped, but then talk turned to Cody and Jessica complaining about Josh, and people commenting on how his speech was too much. Cody told Jessica (and eventually Josh) that he would ruin Josh’s reputation outside of the Big Brother 2017 house.

Josh found Cody’s threats amusing.

An Attempt at Redemption

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Jessica Graf

With Cody halfway out the door, Jessica decided to try to make amends with Christmas. Once Christmas returned from her doctor’s appointment, the two had a discussion about their issues with each other. They left this conversation with a plan to act nicer to each other.

That sounds good and all, but we don’t buy it. Christmas spent quite a bit of time dissing Jessica with her fellow houseguests. She even said that Jessica’s apology wasn’t good enough. Despite the animosity that still exists, Jessica’s target seems to get lower every day.

On Monday, most of the game discussion revolved around Ramses Soto being the next target. Many of the players on Paul’s side mentioned wanting to go after him before Jessica. Ramses and her are both still on the target list but Ramses way more than Jessica now.

A Christmas Update

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

Christmas took some time out of the Big Brother 19 house to visit a doctor about her foot. Originally, Christmas had her surgery scheduled for Monday, but now it has moved to Wednesday. She told the houseguests that it will lasts for 4 to 6 hours, and then Christmas plans to return to the Big Brother 2017 game on Thursday afternoon.

Her doctor told her that after the surgery she will be in a lot of pain, but it should start to decrease. Despite Christmas’ optimism about her return to the Big Brother 19 game, we’re not too sure about Christmas’ game fate. The doctor may advise her to leave early if the pain is too great, or CBS may feel that letting her continue in the house could become a liability.

As always, we shall keep you updated on any changes in Christmas’ condition.

A Hinky Vote Plan

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Kevin Schlehuber

Post-Veto ceremony, Paul pulled Kevin Schlehuber into the Head of Household room. He told him that he wanted him to place a vote on Ramses. Paul wants to create paranoia with the house seeing that not everyone (minus Jessica) voted Cody out. Kevin looked a little worried about Paul’s plan, but agreed to do it.

Later, Paul revealed that the real intentions behind the hinky vote is to set Jason Dent up for an even bigger fall. Everyone is already still suspicious of him, and now with the one odd vote, no one on Paul’s side will trust Jason at all. We now see him becoming an even bigger target than Jessica too.

However, Alex Ow seems to have integrated herself within the Paul alliance. She’s trying to coach Jason how to get into it as well. He seems to ignore her advice, but she might make enough of a connection with Paul’s team to keep Jason protected a bit longer.

Dominique’s Birthday

Big Brother 19 Dominique Cooper

Dominique celebrated her birthday, which is today. That meant Raven Walton made her a cake, the houseguests received treats, etc. Most players helped Dominique celebrate it with the usual strip teases, laughing, and fun. Everyone seems to be loosening up some, and not letting the game drive them insane.

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