Big Brother 19: Power of Veto Ceremony Results (07/10/17)

This week, Big Brother 19 Head of Household Paul Abrahamian had one goal in mind: backdoor Cody Nickson and evict him. Last week, Cody declared war on Paul. After his plan to backdoor Paul failed, Cody wanted to battle Paul in a David vs. Goliath style rivalry. Paul wasn’t feeling that idea. He wanted to keep it semi-simple by just making it impossible for Cody to compete for his Big Brother 2017 safety.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

On Saturday, the Big Brother 19 veto players were picked, and none of them included Jessica Graf or Cody, which meant the end of Cody’s game, unless one major fluke occurred. Five out of six Power of Veto players were going to remove a nominee from the block. However, Ramses Soto was the unknown variable.

Paul tried to ensure that Ramses didn’t really compete during the veto competition: he wanted him to throw it. Ramses agreed, but we’re not sure the agreement was real. When feeds returned with Paul wearing a veto medallion, he didn’t seem happy. Apparently, Ramses almost won the POV. He was 4 seconds short of Paul’s time. This made the Big Brother houseguests distrust Ramses even more. As the third nominee, his veto win took away Paul’s chance to name a new nominee.

Nevertheless, the plan is still to remove Josh Martinez from the block, and then name Cody as a replacement.

Did everything go as Paul planned it on Big Brother 19? Find out what happened during the Big Brother 19 week 3 Power of Veto ceremony below.



Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Of course it did! Paul removed Josh from the block and named Cody Nickson as a replacement nominee. Either Ramses Soto, Alex Ow, or Cody will leave the Big Brother 19 house on Thursday. However, we’d be really surprised if anyone but Cody leaves the Big Brother house during the next live eviction.

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