7-10-2013 10-06-26 AMCBS Big Brother 15 tonight will reveal the Most Valuable Player voted by America, their nomination for eviction this week, and the Power of Veto Competition results. Last week, the MVP chose David as the third eviction nominee and he ended up as the first person evicted on Big Brother 2013.

Will the MVP once again choose the next person who will go home on Big Brother this season? Join us for our live Big Brother recap at 8 PM ET and watch the action with us!

Fans tuned into the Big Brother Live Feeds already have all the spoilers about what will happen on the CBS show this evening but we’re always curious what footage the network will choose to show. Plus, of course, we’re eager to watch the Power of Veto Competition actually went down, since we only find out the results on the Live Feeds because producers block out the actual event.

We were honestly surprised when CBS chose to air some of Aaryn Gries racist commentary on Sunday night, although we were a bit disappointed that she was singled out when several other Big Brother 15 cast members have been equally as offensive. Will CBS air any more controversial statements from the HouseGuests since they are still ongoing? Or will they just let it go with their one token montage of the pretty blond girl spewing nastiness?

Stay tuned right here for our live Big Brother 15 recap starting in just a few minutes right here. Don’t leave us! We need the company while we watch these crazy HouseGuests bad-mouth each other, made ridiculously stupid game moves and slobber over each other in the dark.

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6-30-2013 11-23-05 PMAs usual, Big Brother 15’s Wednesday night show kicks off with a brief look back at what happened in the last episode. Of course, the best part of Sunday night’s show was CBS finally showing some of the nasty, offensive comments Aaryn has been making inside the Big Brother 2013 house this season. We can only hope some of the other players will get their own time in the harsh spotlight tonight, but we doubt it is going to happen.

Elissa and Helen discuss eviction nominations. Candice comes in and says she knows there is a guy alliance going on in the house and that Aaryn is their working girl. (Candice is one of a few players really starting to suspect the existence of The Moving Company alliance, the most powerful group in the house right now.)

Helen goes up to the Head of Household room to talk to Aaryn about them working together. We know Helen knows about some of the awful racist things Aaryn has been saying and doing in the house.

We are both somewhat horrified and impressed with Helen that she cares more about the game than that sh*t and is working every angle she can to make sure she stays in the game. Despite being pretty much the most hated HouseGuest in America right now, Aaryn is still in a very powerful position in the house as the current HoH, because of her partnership with Jeremy, and as a part of several major alliances (whether Helen knows about those or not).


To absolutely no one’s surprise, Elissa wins the Most Valuable Player vote for the second week in a row. She and Helen, who are firmly in each other’s pockets at this point, talk about who Elissa should put up as the third eviction nominee. Unfortunately they are thinking in way the wrong direction in contemplating putting up Jeremy or trying to backdoor him. They don’t know that he has the backing of The Moving Company and several side alliances to make sure he does not get voted out any time soon.

Going back yet again to the whole ‘showmance’ theme this season, we have GinaMarie pining for Nick. Jessie was interested in Nick for a while but it looks like his extreme disinterest (and maybe those gay rumors) have turned her off. Now GinaMarie is on the hunt but Nick continues to have absolutely no desire to get his hands on any of the girls in the house. She’s even noted previously how he doesn’t want her boobs anywhere near her, so we don’t know what she’s thinking.

GinaMarie tells Nick he should throw the PoV Competition so Elissa can potentially win everything and the nominations will stay like they are. Elissa also asks Nick to throw the challenge so Helen and Elissa might have a chance at winning. She promises that if he loses it on purpose, he won’t go on the block for two weeks. However, if Jeremy wins and she think Nick tried to win it, she will put him up as replacement nominee. Snarky! (Of course, she has been planning on putting up Nick as the renom the whole time if Jeremy comes down and she’s pretty much already told everyone in the house already.)

Former Big Brother contestant and glowingly pregnant Britney Haynes has a special message for the HouseGuests for the Power of Veto Competition. She is about to pop out a baby in short order and she needs help decorating her nursery! For the PoV challenge, the HouseGuests will have to construct a baby mobile with ten stuffed animals and then be the first to turn on the nightlight to win the Power of Veto. Andy snarks that this is a fitting challenge considering he is in a house full of babies. Amanda just wants to see Jeremy cry if she wins.

In the PoV Competition, it comes very close. Amanda almost wins but she screws up with two of her mobile bears touching the ground. Elissa is way behind and there is no way she is going to win. Helen is close to making it but unfortunately for her and Elissa, Jeremy is just a little bit closer. He manages to finish first and win the Power of Veto. Which means, of course, that Jeremy will take himself off the eviction block this week.

Kaitlin is afraid Elissa is going to nominate her in Jeremy’s place since she has a “vendetta” against Jeremy and Kaitlin is the second best thing. Kaitlin’s Diary Room rant is interspersed with a whole lot of snogging with Jeremy that just makes us want some eye bleach.

Talking to Nick, Jeremy says if Elissa does not get evicted this week, that will mean someone in The Moving Company alliance voted against the group and if that happens — it will be his signal to ditch the alliance. Several other members of the MC alliance have similar conversations and they are not so happy about Jeremy and his ultimatums.

7-10-2013 05-47-08 PMElissa doesn’t want to go back on her word to Nick that she wouldn’t nominate him if he threw the competition but she feels like he is the best choice if there is some kind of all-male alliance going on that needs breaking up. Candice pushes her about putting up a Nick and she says that Jeremy and Nick are working together. (Yes, everyone knows that Elissa is the MVP. Some she directly told, some just knew and acted like it without even being told.)

Elissa talks to Nick about who he would vote for depending on who she puts up as the replacement nomination. He doesn’t really want to commit to anything and says he needs time to think. Elissa says in the Diary Room that she just doesn’t think Nick can be trusted at all. Talking to Helen, she says she thinks Nick is the “smart one to get out.”

In the Diary Room, Kaitlin says that if she goes up this week, she’s supposed to be the pawn and Elissa should go home. But on Big Brother, the pawn very often goes home and so she’s worried.

At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Jeremy says he has decided to use the PoV on himself to get off the block. After he is safe, the replacement nominee is revealed to be Nick. Kaitlin is grinning ear to ear that she was not chosen. Aaryn is also happily showing lots of teeth. Helen gives Nick a hug, but in the Diary room she says the “mom squad” has assembled and they are going to get Nick out of the house. Candice says she thinks Elissa is bold for putting up a guy. Nick, however, says it is time for Elissa to go home because as the “CEO of The Moving Company” there is no way he’ll be going home.

Now it’s up to Elissa and her allies to somehow convince enough people — including at least one member of the MC alliance — that voting out Nick is a better move than kicking her out of the house. See how that effort is going in our latest spoilers report from the Big Brother Live Feeds!


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