Big Brother 2013: Aaryn Gries Big Brother 15 Cast Spotlight

Big Brother 2013 Aaryn GriesBig Brother 15 Cast Bio: Aaryn Gries
Age: 22
Hometown: San Angelo, Texas
Living: San Marcos, Texas
Occupation: College Student
Marital Status: Single

Nickname: “The Hot Girl”
Status & Alliances: Click here

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Big Brother 2013 cast member Aaryn Gries is one of the “babes” of Season 15 and a strong candidate for possible ‘showmance’ action. Aaryn was born in Texas and raised on a ranch. She moved to Colorado as a kid, where she went to middle school and high school. Now she’s a college student studying psychology at Texas State University. She’s just so vanilla, we can’t even think of a clever nickname for her, so we’re just going to call her by the generic moniker “The Hot Girl” for now. She is leading our ‘hottest woman of BB15‘ poll by a wide margin, after all.

Aaryn Gries says when she applied for Big Brother 15 she was just a “casual” fan but now she’s obviously transitioned to hardcore. She says she knows what she is getting into. When asked why she wanted to audition and be in front of the cameras 24/7, Aaryn said, “Because it looks like the most fun ever, duh!” Why are we smelling catfights and diva attitude in this girl’s future on BB15?

Aaryn’s Strategy:
“My strategy is to fly under the radar for as long as possible. I don’t want to make any big moves too soon, but toward the end of the game I plan to start doing what’s best for me and stabbing people in the back if necessary.”

Will you be voting for Aaryn as the first Big Brother Most Valuable Player?


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