Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: Big Brother Most Valuable Player Twist Means Big Game Changes

Big Brother 15 MVP<p></p>The Big Brother 15 twists keep on coming and the biggest one was revealed on the 2013 premiere Wednesday night. As host Julie Chen announced in Big Brother spoilers before the premiere, America will be voting each week and those votes will factor into the nominations on Big Brother 15 each week. Now we have the details on what that voting will be: each week America gets to nominate their Big Brother MVP of the week!

Once they’ve been elected, the MVP will then have the huge power to nominate one person for eviction. The twist earns an extra level of awesomeness because the MVP will be told in secret and their nomination will also be secret. So they absolutely no fear of reprisals from those they nominate.

This is some good stuff folks! Remember that “no-floater summer” teaser that Julie Chen gave us? Well, this explains that one big time. If America is voting on who is playing the best game and the reward is nominating someone for eviction, then no one in the Big Brother 15 house can sit around and do nothing. They need to be active and play a good game or no Big Brother MVP. 

The Big Brother MVP will be informed of their status before the Veto Competition each week. The MVP will be revealed to America on the CBS show on Tuesday nights.

This gives a whole new level to the drama we’ll be seeing on the Live Feeds this summer, since you will want to watch each HouseGuest throughout the week to see how they are playing their game. When your votes mean so much to the game, you won’t want to miss a thing!!!

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