Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: New Twists Reveals Help Needed By You!

big-brother-15-house-kitchen-julie-chenWe are hoping to hear more on the Big Brother 2013 cast this week, but CBS is keeping that on lockdown right now. However, a new Big Brother 2013 spoilers have been released by Big Brother host Julie Chen and it appears that CBS and Big Brother 15 is going to be needing your help! How do they need our help though? We still do not know, but it may come sooner than we all think!

In an interview with ET, Julie Chen gave a tour of the Big Brother 15 house and we got our first look at the ’60s-inspired new house and many twists and turns were revealed during her camera time! What we know for sure: there will be 16 new houseguests for Big Brother 15, however one of those houseguests will be familiar to us! It is not a previous player, but maybe someone we may have seen on Survivor or The Amazing Race? Or maybe even a celebrity?

The new twist, which Julie Chen does talk about in her interview, says that America will be involved in a big way and like never before! It appears America will be voting this summer, but not on things like what HG should eat jalapenos all week, but your votes will factor into the nominations every week!

Also, you will be getting involved before the new season even starts!!! Julie Chen has us on the edge of our seats and we want to know more information! Check out the new promo for Big Brother 2013 here and then don’t forget to sign up for the Live Feeds and the special 20% discount that CBS is offering before the Big Brother 2013 premiere on June 26!

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