Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: Big Brother 15 House Tour and More Twists Revealed!

CBS Big Brother 2013 has finally loosened the iron grip on all things Big Brother spoilers and given us something tasty to chew on for the new season! That’s right, the Big Brother 15 house tour has finally been revealed!

Big Brother 2013 House - Host Julie Chen

In an interview with ET!, Big Brother USA host Julie Chen took viewers on a guided tour of the newly redecorated house and gave us a bit more scoop about the mysterious ‘big twist’ of BB15. The overall theme for the Big Brother 2013 house is not ‘Asian-inspired’ as some rumors had suggested. Instead, it’s a “mid-century modern Mad Men inspired creation,” as our friends over at Big Brother Network so aptly labelled it.

Of course, the most important thing we’re always looking for is a peek at the Memory Wall to see how many spots it has in it. In the Big Brother house tour, it was revealed the Memory Wall has 16 spots, which fits in with all the Big Brother 2013 spoilers about it being a huge cast with a longer season than ever.

We were really thinking it would be at least 17 HouseGuests though, if they really meant it to be the biggest cast ever. We’ve had 16 cast members in two previous seasons already. But apparently, that seems to be the limit to Big Brother casting for some reason, as Julie confirms in the house tour that there will be 16 new HouseGuests total. Yes, indeed, Julie has confirmed the not-well-kept Big Brother 15 spoilers news that the cast will be entirely all new. However, she also did say there will be one familiar face in the cast — but they will not be a returning BB player. Which probably means we’ve seen them on another CBS show.

The next most important bit we found out from the tour? The nomination chairs are missing! What happened to them? Well, it’s apparently all part of the ‘big twist’ apparently, according to Julie. Our radiant Big Brother 15 host tells us in the house tour video that “America’s role is so big this summer, that even before we start the game, America will be asked to do something and it will affect the nominations.”

Check out the videos above and the Big Brother 15 house photos below (we’ll bring you the official ones when they are released) and let us know what you think about the twists and turns of the new season so far!

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