Big Brother 19 Episode 9/20/17 Preview: What to Expect on the Finale (VIDEO)

Tonight the Big Brother 19 finale airs. Unlike other finales, we have an extra thirty minutes of content, as this finale will be two hours instead of the usual hour and a half. Two hours might be exactly what Big Brother 19 needs to get through it all. We have a lot to pack into the last two hours.

Big Brother Final 3

First, we have to see who won the first part of the final Head of Household. Followed soon after with the winner of the second part of this Big Brother 19 HOH competition. The Head of Household competitions will take up at least thirty minutes of airtime.

Once we know the first two winner, round three will start. It doesn’t really matter who wins the final part, because either way it will end the same. The most excitement of this episode should come from the Big Brother 19 jury segments. CBS has teased for days about this intense jury roundtable and bitter jury.

It will start with Kevin Schlehuber’s entrance. Then moderator Dr. Will Kirby will navigate the discussion as the 8 jury members try to decide who to reward $500,000. Once the jury segment concludes, host Julie Chen will bring out the jury members. They will then see the last person evicted. Immediately following that, the jurors will get to question the final two players.

The players then give their final speeches, and voting begins. Once the votes are locked, we’ll get some filler. Probably a segment on the showmances, Paul’s running minion’s game, a talk with the pre-jury evictees, and maybe a Kevin’s crazy stories, Cody Nickson‘s stares, or Raven Walton’s lies segment.

We have a little longer than normal, so we may have a few surprises in store, like the official date of the Celebrity Big Brother premiere being announced and maybe one or two of the houseguests being named.

The Big Brother 19 finale then ends with Julie reading the votes and the winner being crowned. Before the credits role, Julie will also announced the top three players with the most votes for America’s Favorite Houseguest. Then she will reveal the winner’s name and hand him the check.

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