The house majority alliance, the 8-Pack, can put another notch in their win column.  For the second week in a row, 8-Pack managed to successfully evict their next target in the BB house, Victor Arroyo.

Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20

Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20

All is moving along as planned, but there is a definite rift in the alliance, which may be the demise of the group sooner than later.  As the group begins to disband and to separate into smaller alliances, one of their very own alliance members looks like the most likely target to be sent home this week.

There should be no surprise that when Bridgette Dunning won Head of Household (HOH) this week, Frank Eudy was actually the houseguest (HG) in control from behind the scenes.  Frank has used Bridgette as his little spy on more than one occasion.  A gift fell squarely in Frank’s lap when Bridgette won the ‘Kiss My Ace’ HOH competition.  Frank began to call the shots immediately, and Bridgette played right into Frank’s hands.  Frank has the best situation in the house, at the moment.  He is able to dictate to Bridgette the nominations to the Block that would best suit his game while keeping his hands clean from any blood.


Bridgette was also powerless when Frank won the Road Kill competition and secretly nominated one of her closest allies to the Block, Bronte D’Acquisto, along with the original nominees, Tiffany Rousso and Paul Abrahamian.  The Spy Girls alliance, Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie Negrotti, is in danger with Bronte on the Block for the second week in a row.  Undoubtedly, Bridgette showed her weakest moment when she won the Power of Veto (POV) and chose to leave the nominations as they were.  She had the opportunity to save her ally and possibly shake things up in the house.  Instead, she played right into Frank’s hands and ultimately let him call the shots.

It’s no secret that Frank has had his sights on Tiffany for quite some time now.  He does not trust her even though she is in the 8-Pack alliance with him.  Her emotional roller coaster rides have contributed to the mark on her back for eviction by many members of the house.  Although it appears as if Tiffany will be the evicted HG this week, that victory for Frank may be very short-lived.


There has been a growing movement in the house, lead by Da’Vonne Rogers, to have Frank evicted from the BB house quickly.  Although Frank is completely unaware, had a few others won HOH this week, Frank very well may have been already sitting on the Block.  Frank dodged a major bullet this week, but he may not be so lucky next week.

With Tiffany the likely evictee this week and talks about Frank being targeted next week, the 8-Pack alliance is on the ropes.  The alliance members no longer trust Frank or Tiffany, and as a result have already began to group themselves into a sub-alliance of Dakiyah, Da’Vonne, Nicole Franzel, Paulie Calafiore, and Corey Brooks.  This obviously leaves out Frank and Tiffany but surprisingly, James Hurling and Michelle Meyer have been cut out as well.  Michelle is a serious floater in the house thus far and needs to get her game going quickly.  The new 5 member sub-alliance has some issues of it’s own with 4 of the 5 members reportedly in showmances or at least the beginnings of showmances.  This leaves Da’Vonne alone and by herself if those romantic relationships decide to squeeze her out.

All of the other previous alliances in the house remain unchanged for the most part.  The Fatal 5 (Nicole, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Michelle, and Tiffany) is still a strong all-girls alliance even though Tiffany will likely be evicted this week.  The group had already begun to call themselves the Fatal 4.  Within that group, Day, Nicole, and Zakiyah have a final 3 deal while veterans Nicole and Day have a final 2 deal. The veterans are still sticking together sans Frank, which also was the case last week.


Paul is still standing on the outside of all of the alliances looking in with no home or protection.  His early relationships with Jozea and Victor have not helped his case, but he has managed to avoid eviction with showing that he can be loyal.  Although he has proven himself, there has not been an alliance ready to include Paul and provide him with the protection his game so desperately needs.  If he cannot find someone to align with soon, he may be out the door after Tiffany and Frank if he’s not careful.


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