Sunday night’s episode certainly solidified that Frank Eudy was controlling the house through the newly appointed Head of Household (HOH) Bridgette Dunning. Frank has been able to sit back and benefit from Bridgette’s lack of assertion and call the shots in the house, putting his own nominations on the Block without having to worry about getting any blood on his hands.


Frank has been after Tiffany Rousso for a while now so her nomination came as no surprise. Poor Paul Abrahamian, that has survived 3 Block nominations in a row, is not a surprise either as he still struggles to find any footing or protection in the game.

After Frank made the gross mistakes of speaking rudely to Da’Vonne Rogers, and then had the nerve to “playfully” lay hands on her behind, he managed to create enemy Number 1 with Day. Although they are in the 8-Pack alliance together, Day is working hard on convincing the other alliance members that Frank needs to be evicted from the BB house sooner than later. Day makes an excellent argument that Frank needs to be evicted before he catches onto to the fact that his own alliance is the one after him. Day’s plan for the moment is to seek revenge on Frank by assuring that his number one eviction target, Tiffany Rousso stays in the house as long as possible.

Day can accomplish this in a variety of ways. The safest way would be to win the Power of Veto (POV) tonight and remove Tiffany from the Block. Day would first have to be randomly selected to even participate in the competition. She may put herself into jeopardy with that move, as the entire 8-Pack alliance is ready to see Tiffany go home. If Day doesn’t win the POV or decides not to use it on Tiffany, she can always plead her case with the house as to why Frank’s target should stay in the house, at least for the time being.

Big Brother Live Feeds Da'Vonne

That will be a pretty tough argument to win as most HGs have wanted Tiffany evicted since last week and have the prime opportunity to evict her now. Situations don’t always present themselves so nicely in the BB house, and HGs know you must strike while you have the chance and the iron is hot. We have all seen previous HGs make that mistake before in past seasons.

HOH Bridgette was not very happy with the secret nomination made by the Road Kill competition winner. Frank secretly won that competition which granted him power to secretly nominate the third HG to the Block. Frank chose to nominate Bronte D’Acquisto who is in the Spy Girls alliance with Bridgette and Natalie Negrotti. Bridgette has vowed revenge on the person who secretly nominated her ally to the Block. Little does she know that her very own teammate and puppet master is the one she vows to seek revenge against.

Big Brother Live Feeds Spy Girls

With POV up for grabs tonight, Frank has the nominations exactly where he wants them so he does not want to see any changes made to the Block. Frank’s ultimate goal is to see Tiffany evicted tomorrow night at the live eviction ceremony. Bridgette will compete in the POV tonight as the HOH. If she won, she should take her close ally Bronte off the Block leaving Frank to make a replacement nomination. As we all know, anything can happen in the Big Brother house. Tune in tonight to see who won POV and if that power is used to save Bronte, Paul or Tiffany from the Block.


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