Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Over the Top Last Night 11/16/2016?

Big Brother Over the Top sent another houseguest out of the house. Before, she or he left, their alliance tried to figure out where to go from here. The BBOTT Ball Smashers knew the rest of their Big Brother Over the Top game would be them playing the defensive game. They would have to win as many competitions as possible to stay afloat.


The BBOTT Late Night Jamboree lucked out by being ahead in numbers most of the game. Going into this Big Brother Over the Top week, the Ball Smashers were at a 2-4 disadvantage. Luckily, Shelby Stockton was able to pull out the win.

This allowed her to–almost–keep Morgan Willett and her safe from eviction. However, America threw the ladies for a loop when they nominated Morgan, only days after giving her the care package.

Luckily Shelby won the POV, and she managed to make a new deal. She got Justin Duncan and Kryssie Ridolfi to agree to a new final four alliance. The Ball Smashers were serious about the new alliance. However, Kryssie wanted to stay loyal to the LNJ, especially Jason Roy.

Justin found himself changing his mind about his original alliance. He wanted to go to the end with Kryssie, but no longer wanted Danielle Lickey or Jason in the finals with him. He was completely fine taking Morgan and Kryssie to the end.

Shelby used the power of veto to remove Morgan from the block. Her having so much power this week let her secure her initial nominations of Danielle and Jason

Today, Shelby got her wish when Danielle left the Big Brother Over the Top house by an unanimous vote.


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