Big Brother Spoilers: Tiffany Vs. Frank – Who Will Strike First?

Tiffany and Frank are going to war on Big Brother 18. Last night’s episode started to show how they became Big Brother 2016 enemies. Tonight’s episode should determine who gets to take the first strike.

Tiffany Rousso

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Week 3 of Big Brother involved a lot of underhanded talks about the 8-Pack going against one another. Originally, the tides seemed to turn against Tiffany. Her Vanessa-esque behavior made many worry about her emotional stability in the game. They also worried that she could be just as disloyal as her sister. Da’Vonne specifically didn’t want to have to babysit a Rousso all summer.

Frank also saw the danger of keeping Tiffany around too long. He also knew she wanted him out (because of Da’Vonne). The house started to plot and plan Tiffany’s eviction. However, the tides suddenly shifted, and people started to notice Frank’s sketchy behavior.

He tried to have his hand in too many cookie jars. He told Paulie (with Corey in the room) about the 8-Pack, which made it clear to everyone that he wanted to cover his own butt.

The 8-Pack started comparing notes and talking about whether they could really trust Frank. The Fatal Five worked on getting other people on board to blindside Frank. They told Paulie, Corey, and James their intentions for Frank. Paulie now suspects that Frank might be just as shady as everyone has suggested, but he knows that Frank’s eviction isn’t good for his game.

Big Brother 18-Frank Eudy and Paulie Calafiore

Frank will always be a bigger target than Paulie, he’s also a guy, and right now the guys are dwindling down too fast. So Paulie tried to shift the focus to eliminating one of the remaining girls on the other side, such as Bridgette or Bronte. Nicole and Zakiyah seemed receptive to his idea of holding off on evicting Frank.

However, now Nicole and James have been talking about evicting Frank again. The general plan seems to be that one of Nicole’s team members (her, Tiffany, or Corey) take the power. Then they put up Bridgette and Bronte, Natalie as the Roadkill, and then backdoor Frank. They even asked Michelle to throw this week’s Head of Household competition to ensure that Frank’s team cannot win it.

However, are things ever that easy on Big Brother? There is still a high probability that Frank’s team wins Head of Household. This completely sends a wrench into the plan to get rid of Frank. It does shift the focus back to Tiffany as well.

Tonight’s Head of Household may determine who gets to strike first. Who do you want to see get the boot first Tiffany or Frank on Big Brother 2016?