Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 25 Highlights: Scottie Seals Someone’s Fate

Yesterday, Scottie Salton finalized his mission for this Big Brother 20 week: he won the Power of Veto. This means his nominations–probably–will stay the same. This means either Winston Hines or Brett Robinson will walk out the Big Brother 2018 doors on Thursday night.

Big Brother 20-Brett Robinson

Most of the action yesterday revolved around which bro to evict. Brett is more popular and well liked in the Big Brother house. Winston isn’t really socializing well with the other houseguests. He also seems more of a loose canon. Scottie knows that Brett is a way better player than Wnston, and therefore needs to go this week.

The road to getting out Brett may not go that smooth. Rachel Swindler, Kaycee Clark, and Angela Rummans want to keep Brett over Winston. Tyler Crispen, JC Mounduix, Faysal Shafaat, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Haleigh Broucher, and Bayleigh Dayton all want Brett out of the game.

Kaitlyn Herman has also said she wants Brett out. Sam Bledsoe will go with what Scottie wants. The majority of the votes are in favor of a Brett eviction, but Tyler needs to get the rest of Level 6 on board with voting out Brett, otherwise, this could make them not trust Tyler.

JC has already started working on turning them against keeping Brett. Meanwhile, Tyler was also starting to put a target on Kaitlyn to get her out before jury. He spoke with his Level 6 alliance about targeting Angie and Kaitlyn before jury.

Big Brother 20-Tyler Crispen and Kaitlyn Herman

Many of his Level 6 alliance wanted to target Scottie and Faysal next, but Tyler is already trying to make Kaitlyn the next target. Tyler may have forgotten that whoever gets evicted next week is likely coming back into the game.

Hell hath no hury like a Kaitlyn scorned. Strangely, Kaitlyn was also telling F.O.U.T.T.E that Tyler needs to go soon. Bayleigh and Faysal also discussed using her power next week to keep them safe, and also take out Tyler.

It’s almost guaranteed that Tyler won’t leave next week with his and Sam’s power in play. We may see all three powers used and eliminated from the game next week. The late night activity involved celebrating Rachel’s birthday with freeing the Have-Nots, the men giving her special attention, and a few games.

Big Brother 20 Rachel Swindler's Birthday

After everyone went to bed, Winston and Brett wanted to expose Kaitlyn’s lying ways to save themselves. Brett and Winston did pitch the idea of a secret final three to Scottie, but it doesn’t seem to help their case to stay this week. He just tells them he’ll sleep on it.

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