Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 91: Cliff Tries to Appeal to Jackson’s Heart

As we get closer to Thursday, Cliff Hogg III began his quest to save himself from eviction. The first step of Cliff’s plan was to play on Jackson Michie‘s emotions. Nicole Anthony started this plan the night before, and now it was time for Cliff to really sell to Jackson how much Cliff wanted to be in the final three with Jackson and Nicole.

We got a lot of Cliffnotes today as Cliff explained to the viewers that he thought Jackson was being hypocritical and not a man of his word, especially by breaking the new rules of agreement after he was saved by the Veto, and not right after they were made. According to Cliff, he also showed his hypocrisy by criticizing Nicole and Cliff for almost breaking their final four deal. Cliff made sure Jackson knew how much he wanted to have his family there on finale night, and they could only go if Cliff made it into the final three.

Cliff also told Jackson that Jackson had originally said that he would prefer Nicole and Cliff in the finals over Holly Allen. Both Cliff and Jackson throw Nicole under the bus, blaming her for this entire situation. According to Jackson, none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Nicole trying to keep Tommy Bracco. Holly would have won Head of Household, Jackson would have won the Veto, and then Jackson would have voted Nicole out over Cliff.

Nicole gave Cliff permission to throw her under the bus, and also to present Jackson with a deal about them both taking him to the final two over each other. Cliff presented this idea to Jackson, citing that now all deals were null and void, so he was a free agent to make new final two deals. Jackson told Cliff that this was a really hard decision, one that he wouldn’t take lightly. He would think about which move was best for his game, but meanwhile, he told Holly that she had nothing to worry about: He was taking her to the final three.

He also told Holly basically how Nicole and Cliff were trying to play on his emotions. While talking to the camera, Cliff admitted that he didn’t think any of this was working, but he had to try. He also said that he had another step that he was either going to try on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. He would tell Jackson that he didn’t think he had the votes to win Big Brother 21.

Cliff said that if Jackson betrayed Nicole and him, he would try to sway the jury to not vote for Jackson over Holly or Nicole (at least this is the angle he planned to present to Jackson). He also said that he would threaten Jackson by saying that this move would cost his half a million dollars, and Nicole and Cliff probably wouldn’t vote for him in the end. He said he wasn’t sure if Jackson could get enough votes to win the game after losing those two.

At one point, Nicole discussed who should she take to the end if she wins the final Head of Household Competition. Cliff suggested that she take Holly because she had a stronger argument against her than Jackson. Nicole also wondered if Jackson was trying to create some division between Holly and herself so that neither considered taking each other. Nicole said that she might talk to Holly about that, and see if they could work through things.

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