Big Brother Power Rankings Week #12-Who is Playing the Best Game at Final Four [POLL]?

We’re closing in on the end of Big Brother 21. While things are winding down, things are also ramping up for the final Head of Household competition, and ultimately crowning a winner for Big Brother 21. This week seems like a foregone confusion but there is quite a bit to look forward to with how the finale is shaping up.

Without further ado let’s jump into the penultimate power rankings of the season.

4. Cliff Hogg III

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Well, it’s been a good run for Cliff Hogg III. Barring some sort of miracle, he’ll be headed out the door on Thursday. He played a really great game, coming from being evicted fourth to coming in fourth place. It’s actually pretty crazy to think about it. He had opportunities to make bigger moves but he patiently waited for doors to open for him, and slowly but surely they did.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go his way and he may have made a crucial mistake, or two, recently in keeping Holly Allen and Jackson Michie safe. Now he’s looking at almost certain eviction on Thursday. He and Nicole plan to make some sort of plea, but I’m not sure anything is going to work here. Cliff’s also sort of been losing it this week, partially due to his guilt about potentially convincing Nicole Anthony to make the wrong move last week. I think the best thing he has going for him is that he’ll be in jury and has the chance to really spin things one way or another, especially in Nicole’s favor if she manages to make it to the final two.

3. Nicole Anthony

Nicole has a shot to win Big Brother 21. That’s something I’m really excited to be saying about 90 days into this. Early on, and even halfway through the game, I think most people would not believe that to be a possibility, but she can pull it off. Unfortunately, she almost definitely needs to win the final Head of Household competition to make that happen, and even then, it’s not an absolute guarantee. I think if she were to pull it off, she’d certainly evict Jackson, and it would really depend on if the jury is rooting for an underdog or wanting to reward Holly for being in a more powerful position for most of the game.

I really could see it going either way with advocates for both Nicole and Holly in the jury. I want to give Nicole the edge because everyone loves an underdog. The odds will be and are against her, but I just want to prepare the fandom for the possibility of her losing to Holly. Nicole knows exactly what she needs to do, and I think she’s capable of pulling off a win in round three, she just needs to get there. I’ll certainly breathe a little easier if she manages to win part one, but I think part two is likelier something she’s got a shot at if the formula sticks to the typical final three Head of Household. I’m excited to cheer her on in the finale, I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s less likely to happen, but I am holding onto hope (Sorry for my bias, I can’t help it).

2. Holly Allen

I’m really torn between giving Holly or Jackson the top spot here, because I think Holly is in the final two no matter what, but Jackson holds most of the power and has the best shot to win this. It certainly is possible a “bitter” jury awards Holly the win over Jackson, especially if the jury has any inclination that Jackson is not particularly popular with the audience. But I think I lean towards them awarding Jackson the win for his dominance in the second half of the game. That said, I think Holly has a shot against either opponent that she’d face. It really depends how she would perform in front of the jury, and unfortunately for Holly, I think the confrontation with Tommy Bracco last week proved that she’s not great under pressure. I think Holly has more to stand on than anyone would think, and generally did play a good social game. I’m just not sure that it’ll be respected in the way that Jackson’s dominance or Nicole’s pluckiness would be.

1. Jackson MIchie

This is the first time Jackson’s been in the top spot, and might not be the last if he and Holly are looking strong heading into the finale next week. But he’s here, because at this point I do believe he’s the likeliest person to win this season, like it or not. We’ve not seen a jury segment in a very long time so it’s quite difficult to predict how they’re feeling about all of the potential finalists. But Jackson really pulled off a miracle last week, and I think Tommy and Cliff (who will be jurors) know this. Against Holly, I think most of the jurors would know that Jackson is seen as the more dominant player, and would be more likely to vote for him if they are trying to not bring their emotions into it. But, it’s difficult to say based on how juries have voted in the past few years. First, Jackson has to get there though, and he may not see Nicole has a big threat, but she has the potential to pull something amazing off, and for Jackson’s sake he better hope he doesn’t underestimate her too much.

That’s all for this week’s power rankings! Only one week left to go in Big Brother 21. Share your thoughts and vote in the poll below.

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