Who Was Evicted Tonight On Big Brother 21? (9/12/19)

Every season in Big Brother there are houseguests left in a tricky yet character-defining situations. Tonight, Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg III are in this situation as the only two vote holders in the live eviction. They have had a final four alliance with Jackson Michie and Holly Allen for weeks now, and that deal has been honored very staunchly by all those involved.

Big Brother 21

Due to the circumstance of Nicole winning the Power of Veto (POV) and using that power to save Cliff from the block, Head of Household (HOH) Michie was left with no choice but to nominate Holly as a replacement. Tommy is the only thing standing in the way of the final four agreement becoming a reality tonight. But, if Holly is evicted, the last showmance will be split up, and Cliff and Nicole may have better odds at making it to the end of the game. Who will Nicole and Cliff evict tonight, and will they chose odds over loyalty?

Last Minute Deals…Flipping and Flopping

Nicole and Cliff cannot come to terms with which way they should vote in the eviction, but one thing is for sure. Cliff and Nicole are in this together to the end.

One of Cliff’s concerns is that Tommy and Michie may have a secret deal between the two of them. Cliff wants assurance from Tommy that if they vote out Holly, Tommy will take Cliff and Nicole to final three…and not Michie. That’s the minimum commitment Cliff wants to hear from Tommy.

Cliff and Nicole sit down for a one on one with Tommy. In the conversation, Tommy promises to throw the HOH win to either Cliff or Nicole. Being that Michie is the current HOH, he can’t compete. If they were to vote out Holly and kept Tommy, this promise would ensure either Cliff or Nicole were the final HOH with a guaranteed spot in the final three.

Michie and Cliff have a heart-to-heart conversation in which Cliff tells Michie that he is not sure which way Nicole will be voting. Cliff reminds Michie just how tight Nicole and Tommy are in the game. Michie relays this info to Holly and tells her she has to get at least one of their votes. If there is a tie, Michie would vote to break the tie.

Due to his fear of information being used against him, Tommy decided to tell Nicole and Cliff about his previous relationship with Christie Murphy. Cliff and Nicole fessed up to Michie and Holly about the admission. Michie reminds Cliff and Nicole that Christie will be voting for Tommy not to mention campaigning for him in the jury house. Let’s not forget how well Christie can campaign houseguests to get what she wants.

Big Brother 21

Playback tapes showed Michie eavesdropping outside of the camper room last night while Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy talked about possible strategy. During the conversation, Tommy reminded them that Michie is a beast and he will help them take him down. Tommy again promised to throw them the HOH competition. He also mentioned that if they won the next POV competition, they would take him with them to the final three.

Michie decides the only way to refute this information is to go to Cliff and Nicole and tell them that Tommy is really lying to them about throwing the HOH competition. Michie fabricates a whole story about Tommy working with Michie and working together to take out Cliff. Nicole’s head is spinning and she feels stupid and wants a house meeting.

Live Eviction

Nicole Voted To Evict Tommy
Cliff Voted To Evict Tommy

By a vote of 2-0, Tommy is evicted from the Big Brother house. During his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Tommy admitted that there was a huge blowout in the house today between him and Michie. Julie shared that the fight would be shown on Sunday night’s episode coming up.

Big Brother 21

Although he and Michie came to blows, Tommy said he respected Michie’s gameplay and said that’s just Big Brother. Tommy also revealed he would have rather come in third to Cliff and Nicole than team up with Michie. He sees Cliff and Nicole as the underdogs and always roots for those type of characters. Tommy explained that he fessed up about knowing Christie because he felt so alone in the house, and he knows that was a mistake in retrospect.

Week Twelve Head of Household Competition

The HOH competition is called Crash and Turn. The winner is guaranteed a spot in the final three, a one in three shot at $500,000, and can also compete in next week’s final HOH competition.

This endurance competition puts the houseguests hanging on a rope with a small foot pedestal to stand on during the event. Their ropes will swing around the backyard crashing them into various stunt objects. The last houseguest left hanging on wins the HOH competition.

Big Brother 21

This is a variation of a comp played many times before in the Big Brother house and it is not easy. No offense to Cliff, but Nicole and Holly certainly have a physical advantage over him with Holly having the best shot at winning her third HOH competition tonight.

Join us again this Sunday evening at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the remainder of the HOH competition and the block nominees.

Big Brother 21

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