Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 11 Eviction Predictions-Will Holly Leave on Jackson’s Head of Household Reign?

It’s been a long 24-hours for Big Brother 21 houseguests and feed watchers. After Saturday’s BBComics Power of Veto, Nicole Anthony was ready to make a big move and separate Holly Allen and Jackson Michie. She knew she just needed to get Cliff Hogg III on board to break the final four deal. She even told Tommy Bracco to not give up just yet.

Nicole hasn’t really wavered from her decision all week, and eventually, she got Cliff on board to remove Holly from the game. Most of yesterday was filled with the houseguests campaigning to stay in the house. In Tommy’s campaign, he also revealed that Christie Murphy used to date his aunt.

At first, Cliff and Nicole didn’t seem too concerned about it, but the more they thought about it, and the more Jackson and Holly guilt tripped them about breaking the final four, we started to see them really debate what was the best decision for the week.

Around midnight, Cliff and Nicole really discussed the pros and cons of taking out/keeping both. They seemed to be stressed about Tommy’s potential winning abilities and jury votes. They also didn’t like not exactly being loyal to Holly and Jackson, especially how Jackson fought hard to keep the four together. Cliff and Nicole also worried that Tommy and Jackson might still have some loyalty between them and regroup after they evict Holly.

This is the first time that we’re approaching eviction hour without a definitive answer. Late last night, they were leaning towards keeping Holly and that seems to have continued into this morning. However, I think they’ll eventually talk to Tommy and switch their decision again. I truly believe we won’t know until someone walks out the door who is leaving today. So this guess is very due to change. Right before feeds went down for rehearsal, Tommy denied Jackson’s claims, and Nicole spoke of wanting to call a house meeting. We were left in limbo about if this meeting would change anything.

Based on the fact that Jackson told a lie, the Christie secret, and them seeing Tommy as a better competitor than Holly, I think they’re going to eventually switch back to evicting Holly because Tommy will be able to diffuse the situation with Jackson’s lie. If the houseguests also get a heads up or hint about it being an endurance competition for final four, they might be even more willing to cut Holly, since she’s good at endurance. Tommy is as well, but Holly winning endurance increases the showmances chances of making it to final three together.

In the end, we think Holly will be evicted by a vote of 2 to 0.

Do you agree? Who do you think Cliff and Nicole will eventually decide to evict?

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