Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Roadkill Winner and Nominee! 7/3/2016

Last week on Big Brother 18, we were introduced to the new Roadkill Competition, this season’s replacement for the much-hated Battle of the Block. Instead of having dueling Heads of Households, however, all the houseguests get to compete in this challenge. The winner gains the power to anonymously put up a third nominee for eviction.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 (23)

Last time around, it was veteran Frank Eudy who won the Roadkill competition. He put up Paul Abrahamian as the third nominee. Paul ended up winning the Power of Veto, which was a good thing for the Eight Pack alliance and then Head of Household Nicole Franzel. Paul’s PoV win pretty much paved the way to make sure Jozea Flores got the boot in the last eviction, which is what Nicole and her main alliance wanted to happen.

This time for the Roadkill Competition, there was no stripping involved. Instead, the players had to exchange some of their ‘souvenirs’ from their Big Brother RV trip to add up to $18.00 for gas money.

Big Brother Roadkill

With the big plan from the Eight Pack alliance and Head of Household Paulie this week to hopefully backdoor Victor, the results of this week’s Roadkill challenge could have put a wrench into things. However, things oddly turned out pretty well for the majority in power even though it turned out to be their target Victor who ended up winning the Roadkill competition.

Big Brother Roadkil 3

Victor could have made the rather risky move of actually putting himself up on the block as the third eviction nominee. This would have guaranteed him a place in the upcoming Power of Veto Competition and prevented the Eight Pack and allies from backdooring him. If he won PoV, he could then save himself from eviction completely.

However, Victor didn’t entertain this idea very strongly. At first he kind of wanted to nominate Frank. However, Frank is a competition beast and it was very likely he might win Power of Veto and then nominate Victor anyway. Plus it would just be antagonizing the current power structure in the house. So, instead, Victor decided to nominate Tiffany because she isn’t working with him, and there is always a possibility that if she wins the Power of Veto, she might use it on herself — which would allow Victor to nominate her replacement and keep himself off the block. But Victor is really hoping that he gets picked for Veto and wins, making sure he doesn’t end up as a backdoor nominee.


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