Big Brother 18: Winners and Losers – Week 7

Welcome back Big Brother 18 fans for another crazy week. Which houseguests made all the right moves this week, and which ones were a major fail? It’s time for our week seven Winners and Losers list!


Let’s do a quick recap; last Thursday Da’Vonne finally went home and did NOT have a Round Trip ticket which was great. Victor won the long endurance HoH contest and put up Zakiyah and Michelle. Now for my week 7 winners and losers.


  1. Victor Arroyo: Even though he might go home during the Double Eviction on Thursday night this guy is flying high right now. Ever since coming back in the house he has disappeared off of the houseguests radars. There was quick discussion when he came in originally and this week during the Double Eviction. But right now he is winning the week.
  2. Paulie Calafiore: He is pretty much in 2 showmances. One with Zakiyah and one with Paul essentially. He continues to win comps and nobody seems to care. Zakiyah looks to be going home this week though, and the other houseguests are catching on to his manipulative ways, so Paulie may soon find himself in deep water.
  3. James Huling/Corey Brooks: Another set of showmances that people in the house don’t really talk about in the sense of threats. Da’Vonne talked about it a little bit but she’s gone and essentially had no real friends in the house.


  1. Big Brother Digital Season: Don’t get me wrong that I love Big Brother coming back this fall for another season. The problem is you wont be able to watch it on cable TV. You will have to pay per month and can only watch on your phone or a computer (unless you have Roku or Amazon Fire). CBS is definitely going to lose a lot of viewership for this reason. (However, we are happy to know that the actual CBS Big Brother TV show has been renewed for two more seasons at least… and interestingly, the announcement says those will be Big Brother 19 and Big Brother 20… so what is the streaming only season going to be? All Stars?)
  2. Zakiyah Everette: Her stock is falling fassssst. Paulie is pushing her aside and she is being put in the circle of Da’Vonne followers which spells bad news. I thought she might slide far in this game but she could be the next jury member.
  3. Michelle Meyer: I’m not really sure why she is in the Big Brother house. She is supposedly a super fan but I honestly can’t see it. She doesn’t seem to have much grasp on how to play the game. Whiners and criers don’t usually do well and she does a ton of both. People seem to be getting sick of her and she may very well be gone soon. (Although maybe not as soon as we previously thought based on last night’s developments on the Live Feeds).

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