Big Brother 18 Spoilers: The House Plans Paulie’s Demise

The unthinkable finally took place in the Big Brother 2016 house: the house has turned against Paulie Calafiore. A few days ago, Paulie had an alliance with everyone, and no true opposition. However, when Michelle Meyer went on the block this week, she began advertising Paulie’s powerful hold on the Big Brother 18 game.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds: House Against Paulie

On the Big Brother Live Feeds, yesterday, Bridgette Dunning made it her mission to save Michelle, and turn everyone against Paulie. She quickly got Michelle and Natalie Negrotti involved in her Big Brother 2016 plan.

James Huling became the most critical piece to this Big Brother 18 puzzle. Securing James’vote this week put the numbers in favor of keeping Michelle and evicting Zakiyah Everette. James’ Care Package power (the power to eliminate two votes) made him even more important this week.

To further secure that her side had all the power, Bridgette began to work on James, and Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo. None of them seemed too receptive to the change of plan at first.

However, this morning, after Natalie told James how Paulie (allegedly) made passes at her, he went to tell Paulie about Natalie’s claim. Paulie said that he flirted with Natalie, like he does everyone, but never crossed a line. Paulie’s attempts to flirt with Natalie plays a huge part in her anger towards him this week, which started the ball rolling to flip the votes against Zakiyah.

Soon after their conversation, Natalie and Bridgette told him how Paulie has been turning the house against each other. He has been telling the couples to target the singles, and the singles to target the couples. It all finally clicked in James’ head.

Natalie Negrotti Big Brother 18

He then woke up Paul and Michelle. Natalie, James, and Bridgette started to tell them that they figured out how Paulie played everyone. The conversation included a big exchange of notes and details about what Paulie said to them about each other.

By the end of the conversation, everyone agreed to vote out Zakiyah this week and keep Michelle. They would split the votes. They wanted to confuse Paulie about who betrayed him, and also try to shift the blame to Nicole Franzel. The vote would end up 3 to 2 with Zakiyah’s eviction.

James would use his power to cancel Corey Brooks and Paul’s vote. This allowed Paul to pretend to still be on Paulie’s side. Later today, Paul plans to clue Victor in on the new plan, and what everyone said about Paulie.

They don’t plan to tell Corey or Nicole anything about the vote flip. Natalie, James, Paul, Bridgette, and Michelle also want to make this a true blindside, so Michelle will act like she’s leaving this week. They also plan to try to take out Nicole, Corey, or Paulie during the double eviction.

If one of the five players (Natalie, James, Paul, Bridgette, and Michelle) win the Head of Household, they plan to nominate Corey and Nicole. If Corey or Nicole, or one of their five wins Veto, they plan to take one of them off, and then nominate and evict Paulie.

Paulie versus the house

The tides have officially turned on Paulie. Will he be able to flip the script before Thursday night? If not, could the Big Brother 18 round trip ticket foil the double eviction blindside plan?