Former Big Brother winner Dr. Will Kirby will be appearing on the season 17 finale on Wednesday night to moderate the Jury debate over who should win Big Brother 2015. From sneak peek information he revealed in an interview this morning, it sounds like the Jury is more than just a little upset, they are downright furious.

Dr. Will Kirby

Former Big Brother winner Dr. Will Kirby (Facebook)

Does an angry Jury mean a possible bitter Jury? If so, what kind of chance will Vanessa Rousso have to win if she does indeed make it to the final two? We certainly can’t think that Steve Moses or Liz Nolan would be the object of the Jury’s fury, so we can only imagine that Vanessa must be taking the brunt of the Jury’s anger. Although it sounds like some of them are none too pleased with their fellow Jury members either.

“They’re extremely pissed off,” Dr. Will says of the Big Brother 17 Houseguests who were shipped off to Jury house. “In fact, I had to ask them to stop talking over each other and to give each other basic respect.”

“They were not even listening to each other,” Dr. Will says in the interview with They’re very angry, and the emotion is pretty raw for some of them.”

According to Dr. Will, this is certainly true for evicted Houseguest Austin Matelson, whom Vanessa blindsided at last week’s eviction.

“[Austin] is hellbent on turning the Jury against her,” Dr. Will says. However, even though there are plenty of other Houseguests who may be angry as hell with Vanessa, Austin’s campaign against her may do more harm than good.


“The problem is, the Jury doesn’t really like him, so that could easily backfire,” Dr. Will says. “If someone you don’t like gives you advice, why would you follow it?” Not holding back a bit, Dr. Will says that Austin “somehow thinks he’s this phenomenal public speaker and he’s this motivator” that will make the Jury do whatever he wants. “But the Jury was kind of rolling eyes at him when he was explaining what they should do.”

Who does Dr. Will Kirby predict to win after sitting down with this “pissed off” Jury? Well, the former Big Brother winner thinks the outcome is far more questionable this year than last season. “Last year, Derrick was the runaway winner, and that was the consensus among the Jury.” For Big Brother 17, Dr. Will says “there was a healthy debate about which of the three was going to win.”

For his personal choice, Dr. Will says he thinks both Vanessa and Steve are “extremely qualified” to take the grand prize. If forced to make a prediction, he says he thinks that “Steve will probably win.” However, he notes that the Jury is “hyper-aware of how they’re being perceived by the public.” So much that “they almost can’t make decisions on their own. They’re making decisions that they think the public would like.”

Well, if they truly wanted to make a decision the public would like, they’d give the win to Steve if he makes the final two. That’s certainly the person our public poll says the fans want to win, by a landslide!

The most fun quote of Dr. Will’s interview? When asked if he thought there was “something wrong” with wacky dentist John McGuire, Dr. Will said “there’s something wrong with every single person who plays on Big Brother, including myself. But there is definitely something wrong with all the Jury members.”

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