Big Brother Spoilers: Final Live Feeds Report [VIDEO] 9/23/2015

The Big Brother 17 finale is almost here and the Big Brother Live Feeds have been turned off until after the show ends tonight. They’ll resume briefly after the winner is announced so that subscribers can tune into watch the post-finale interviews and festivities.

Big Brother 17 Final Three

Before the final three Houseguests said goodbye to the Feedsters, however, we had a few last Big Brother spoilers from final three players Vanessa Rousso, Liz Nolan, and Steve Moses to tide us over until the finale this evening.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

After Vanessa won part one of the final Head of Household Competition, and Steve won part two, the two of them reaffirmed their final two deal. However, we know Steve is lying about taking Vanessa to the end, and we’re think Vanessa is lying about taking Steve too.

Steve almost immediately wanted to tell Liz about his final two with Vanessa. He had his reasons for this, including trying to push Vanessa into keeping her promise to him to take him to the end. Vanessa did not want to tell Liz, because she has a final two with her and swore to Liz that she hadn’t made any kind of final two deal with Steve.

Knowing she couldn’t put it off forever, Vanessa told Liz that she and Steve would be telling her they have a final two deal, but not to believe it. She swore on her girlfriend’s life that she absolutely is going to take Liz to the final two if she gets the choice. We believe that Vanessa has looked at the odds in the Jury vote and truly does intend to take Liz over Steve. But, of course, we could be wrong, as she has not explicitly stated this to camera in any way.

Steve, on the other hand, has been practicing his speech for if he wins the final round of the last Head of Household Competition. He has made it very clear in these private sessions with the cameras that he has no intention of taking Vanessa to the end. Which is very wise, because we believe Steve could win over Liz, but it’s far less likely against Vanessa.

Vanessa and Steve eventually did tell Liz they had a final two deal, with Vanessa of course giving Liz the wink wink, nod nod that everything was just fine and dandy any time Steve wasn’t around afterward.

Liz does some crying, but she seems to honestly believe that Vanessa will keep her word to her. She’s just happy she isn’t a “Victoria” because she did win competitions and she did survive to final three despite major odds against her.

Other than Vanessa going back and forth promising both Steve and Liz that she will take them to the final two, the Houseguests mostly played a lot of cards and chatted about random things.

Vanessa does a LOT of telling Liz she absolutely must NOT talk to Steve about their final two deal, ever, ever, ever. It gets a bit much. But Liz promises she won’t and seems to keep to that promise. Steve cries and wants his mommy, Liz cries and worries, Vanessa schemes. Big Brother starts messing with the Houseguests by saying random things.

Steve seems to think Vanessa will take him to final two but he has his doubts. Vanessa is terrified that Steve won’t take her to final two and she should be. Liz, meanwhile, is nervous and upset at times, but she believes Vanessa will take her to final two. As for Steve, Liz isn’t an idiot, and she may not have talked about it with Steve, but she has to know it would be better for him to take her rather than Vanessa.

Big Brother Live Feeds

On Wednesday morning, the Houseguests had their final time on the Big Brother Live Feeds before the finale. After going through their morning wakeup routines, the final three had a bit of light chit-chat and then they bid their goodbyes to the Live Feeds watchers before they went dark at 10:00 AM BBT.

Big Brother Live Feeds 2

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