Big Brother 21-Week #6 Power Rankings-A Major Power Shift [POLL]

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for a shake up in the Big Brother 21 house, and it’s finally happened. Thanks to the seeds planted by Sam Smith last week, and Jessica Milagros winning Head of Household, the cracks within the Six Shooters alliance have become fissures, and the entire house has been shaken to it’s core.

This has been the first week of the Big Brother 21 Power Rankings where I’ve really struggled with where to place the houseguests since things are so fluid for the first time this season. It’s very exciting, and I think almost anyone could go home at any point in time. Finally, this season has taken off and I hope it continues to be this exhilarating. So without further ado, let’s get to this weeks Big Brother Power Rankings.

11. Jack Matthews

Hallelujah, it appears that Jack Matthews is finally on his way out, and I think it’s pretty unlikely that he pulls out any sort of Hail Mary this week. The latest plan that he and Tommy Bracco have cooked up is to threaten Kathryn Dunn into voting with them with information that’s already well known by most, if not all, of the house. Spoiler alert: it’s not going to work. In fact, I think it’ll probably solidify the other side of the house even more if they go through with this hare-brained scheme. He’ll be the first member of the jury. I pray we won’t have a jury buyback where he’ll have any shot to come back. For the most part, Jack has been pretty unpleasant to watch. And I think that we’ve all been waiting for the Tommy, Christie Murphy, and Jack trio to take a hit, and it looks like they will be.

10. Christie Murphy

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Christie’s social capital has been all but spent this week. Sam really started to unravel her game last week when he revealed to Jackson Michie a lot of what she’s been saying about him. Throughout this week, people have started comparing notes more and people see through Christie’s antics. The Six Shooters has truly dissolved, and Christie has become a primary target for many of them. Kat, Holly Allen, and Jackson have really been irritated with her and finally all the things that have bothered them for weeks is coming to the surface. She’s seen as the ringleader for what remains of the core four within the Six Shooters, and her tight relationship with Tommy is seen as very threatening by Kat, Holly, Jackson as well as Cliff’s Angels. She’s going to need to win something in the coming week in order to avoid eviction. Perhaps the Field Trip could really be a lifeline if she were to win the first place spot and gain safety for the week. If not, she’s going to need to win Head of Household or the Power of Veto, because otherwise she’ll be joining Jack in the jury house.

9. Nick Maccarone


I really hate the game that Nick Maccarone is playing right now. First of all, it’s sort of hard to read what he’s actually thinking, but from my perspective, he’s doing absolutely everything in his power to get back in with the very people who discarded him in Tommy, Jack, Christie and Analyse Talavera. I don’t like it, but it’s his game to play. Unfortunately for him, he’s still disposable to almost every single one of them. If Christie goes soon, maybe he and Tommy become more of a duo, and I know Nick has a budding relationship with Nicole Anthony as well. But I have a hard time seeing him getting a really good footing in this game the way he’s playing right now. He’s seen as someone unwilling to pick a side, much like James Rhine in Big Brother 6, and I think sooner rather than later that is going to be his downfall.

8. Analyse Talavera

With Analyse’s showmance partner going home this week, she’s now in the weakest spot she’s been in all game. While Analyse is nobody’s immediate target, she’s not really a valuable player for anyone either. It’s possible that Sis becomes more of a free agent with Jack being evicted, and then she can maybe slide her way into a decent position. However, it’s been clear this week that her head isn’t in the game as much as the rest of them, and I’m not confident that she has what it takes to really play hard. Analyse could easily be a casualty of Christie or Tommy winning a competition when she’s sitting beside either of them as a pawn, and I’m not sure anyone would care – potentially even herself since she’d be going to jury with her boy toy. I think there’s some hope there but I’m not placing any bets on her going deep with any real shot to win this game. If she goes to the final five or beyond, it’s likely because other people want her there as easy fodder.

7. Jackson Michie

Things looked pretty grim for Jackson Michie last week when the Six Shooters turned on him, but since then he’s found himself in a halfway decent spot. The ire of the remaining Six Shooters is more focused on Kat now than him and Holly, so he might actually escape being their target if they were to get into power. I think sooner or later he will be a target again, especially with Jack gone. Eventually, he’ll be seen as the biggest threat in the house. But for now, he’s part of a power trio, and it seems that Cliff’s Angels feel decently good about him. Things are likely to shift in the coming weeks as the numbers shift around, but for the time being it does appear that Jackson is doing okay.

6. Jessica Milagros


Jessica has had quite a big week, winning Head of Household, winning Power of Veto, and taking out one of the strongest players in the game. She’s certainly earned respect on both the inside and the outside of the Big Brother house. Somehow she’s seemingly not a target for anyone going forward either. Her relationships with Kat, Nicole, and Cliff Hogg III are very strong, and I have a hard time seeing her going anywhere over the next few weeks. It’ll be interesting to see where exactly she ends up settling back in after her reign and if her threat level elevates or levels out. But with Kat, Holly and Jackson out in front of her, Nicole and Cliff, I think she has no reason to be concerned anytime soon about being evicted.

5. Nicole Anthony

I try to not be so biased in these, but I cannot help but adore Nicole. She’s just an absolutely amazing person and I’m so happy to see that she’s finally in a somewhat secure position now. Everyone of the remaining Six Shooters are turning on one another, and she can fade into the background for the time being. She’s done a lot of work getting closer to Nick this week, and I think that on top of her very tight relationships with Cliff, Jess, and Kat, she’s slowly building some protection around her. Even Holly and Jackson are becoming closer to her and might end up being valuable allies for her. She’s not always seen as the most trustworthy person but I think it’s because they all know she can be a little skittish when it comes to things being pinned on her, and understandably so with what’s happened to her in the past. I think if the Six continues to target each other, she’ll continue to build relationships as the numbers dwindle and I really think she could make a deep and impressive run in this game, especially as the competitions become more mental in the endgame.

4. Tommy Bracco

Tommy has slipped a bit this week, and part of that is due to his pre-existing relationship with Christie. He is seen as a part of a duo with her and possibly the best thing for him would be for her to go. However, people are really starting to see through his fakeness, Kat and Holly in particular have discussed his transparency. I think he’ll have some trouble getting back into the good graces of a number of them. He is still protected by some tight bonds with Analyse, Nick, and obviously Christie. But something could easily go wrong if Christie wins a Power of Veto and Tommy could end up going home. It’s not particularly likely, but he is definitely not sitting as pretty as he once was as evidenced by him dropping from the top spot after a long run there.

3. Kathryn Dunn


Kat has become quite a focal point in this game, for better or for worse. Jack, Tommy, and Christie certainly have their sights on her, and her potential relationship with Holly is seen as a big threat. I do believe that she has a lot of protection behind her though with her relationships with Holly, Jackson, Jessica, Cliff and Nicole. It’s kind of amazing how she’s transformed from this paranoid player in week one to one of the bigger power players in the game. I think the potential attempts to bully her vote that Jack has spoken about will only solidify her position with Cliff’s Angels, and might bring her two sub-alliances closer together. That could only work in her favor as she’s sort of the bridge between the two factions, and she’s seen as a valuable ally to them all. Hopefully then she can be seen as a more loyal ally and someone who is less of a floater moving forward, which I think will be better for her game than being seen as a go-between like she has been so far in this game.

2. Cliff Hogg III

I have a hard time seeing how Cliff might end up going home in the next few weeks. Everyone feels pretty good about him, and while they know that he’s a decent competitor, much like Jessica, he’s not seen as a threat. He’s being protected by a number of people and has several ongoing deals keeping him safe. Of course, with the way the house is so fluid, it wouldn’t take much to knock down his house of cards, but I don’t think he’s at or near the top of anyone’s hitlist. He also has the charm to talk his way out of most situations. Surprisingly, his “wait and see” approach with the Six might actually pay off in the long run since they have broken up and it has left him in a very good spot in this game.

1. Holly Allen


And the top spot goes to Holly. I was impressed with the way she was able to convince her allies to keep Kathryn after the big blowup last Thursday, and it obviously serves her well since Kat is her number one ally. She is the integral cog in the threesome that is Kat, Jackson, and herself, and she’s grown closer to the Cliff’s Angels grouping as well. Like I said earlier, I think they’ll only be drawn closer together if the actions of Jack, Christie, Sis, and Tommy continue to push them away. Best of all for Holly, she has options. She could potentially weasel her way back in with the Six if she wants to, or she could stay firm in the direction that things are going. Since Jackson will be staying, she still has him as a big meat shield in front of her and Kat is being seen as a bigger target now as well. Perhaps the best thing Holly has going for her is that she’s very good with her words. The way she was able to make sure Kat didn’t go home and put to rest the rumors that they knew each other, proved to me that she is good under pressure and can talk many of them into doing her bidding.

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