Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 6 Head of Household Results (08/01/19)

This might be the week where the Six Shooters start shooting at each other. All week, there has been tension bubbling between Jackson Michie and Christie Murphy. This might be the week that one of them takes a shot. Christie and Tommy Bracco have already spoke about not wanting to win this Head of Household competition, because they would like to be eligible for the one next week, since everyone assumes it’ll be the first double eviction (it will not be). However, this was before Sam Smith started planting seeds of doubt in the Six’s head about Christie.

Christie was already questioning Jackson from the week Cliff Hogg III nominated him and Jack Matthews. The growing feud was able to subside with a neutral person like Holly Allen in power last week. But now, it seems like it’ll be a Jackson vs Christie battle to see who will make the first move, either directly or through an ally. Let us also not forget that Christie’s power can be dangerous if the right person wins the Power of Veto.


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For this competition, the houseguests had to view a series of photos (from a staged set) and then after they were done viewing them, they had to answer true or false questions about them. The player with the most points because this week’s Head of Household.

Jess won the Head of Household. 


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