Big Brother 19: Who Will You Vote for as America’s Favorite Player (POLL)?

Right now the biggest Big Brother 19 competition isn’t who will win the $500,000, because with yesterday’s revelation, it’s almost a done deal. The biggest competition is actually who wins America’s Favorite Player. Every year fans come out to fight for their favorite’s chances at $25,000, making fliers, videos, lists, and campaign posters. This year, the competition is just as heated as always in the Big Brother fandom. After all is said and done, it’s basically a battle between Big Brother 19’s Cody Nickson and Kevin Schlehuber.

Big Brother 19 America's Favorite Houseguest

Overall Cody was depicted as the villain for the first couple weeks: he was the foil to Paul Abrahamian’s hero. As Big Brother 19 progressed, the line between villain and hero blurred. This factor started to give Cody’s fanbase some momentum. Cody became the anti-Paul, and a person people who disliked Paul’s gameplay could get behind.

Now Cody represents a symbol, for many fans, of the only opposition (besides Dominique Cooper and Jessica Graf) against Paul. Therefore, he is their favorite player. On the other side of the coin, Kevin was one of Paul’s most loyal minions. He put up no fight against him and did exactly as told week after week. So why is Kevin getting so much Big Brother 19 support?

It’s simple: Kevin is likable and provided the most entertainment all season. Fans have adored him all Big Brother 19, and want to reward him with another $25,000. Kevin also gained fandom momentum when Alex Ow, Josh Martinez, Christmas Abbott, Raven Walton, and Matt Clines started to attack him as a person and player.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Cody Nickson

Based on Friday’s Big Brother 19 recap, it seems like CBS is more behind giving Kevin America’s Favorite Player than they are giving it to Cody. They gave both of them favorable segments, but Kevin got more of them. They even showed that he needed money for his family.

We expect host Julie Chen to announce the top three America’s Favorite Player candidates on finale night, and it would be a shocker if Kevin and Cody weren’t in the top two names listed. The third could be anyone, including Josh (if Christmas cuts him at final 3), Jason Dent, Mark Jansen, or Alex. Oh yeah and of course, mastermind, puppetmaster, dance extraordinaire Raven.

So which Big Brother 19 player gets your America’s Favorite Player vote? Vote below and comment.

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