Big Brother 19-09/15/17-Recap: Trip Down Memory Lane & HOH R1 Sneak Peek

Now that we are down to the final week of Big Brother 19, the time has come for the annual tradition of strolling down memory lane to remind us of how the season progressed. This year we were graced with watching everyone, except Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, bow down to Paul Abrahamian and allow him to steam roll his way to the Big Brother 19 final three. Let’s relive how the puppet master did just that.

Big Brother 19 Final 3

The final three houseguests, Paul, Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez, were the hosts for the special Big Brother episode. They shared a bottle of champagne as they recalled how they got to this point in the season. Typically this recollection includes some high points, some low lights, and lots of Big Brother drama.

We begin with a clip showing how Kevin Schlehuber confided in Matt Clines about him taking the $25,000 temptation at the very beginning of the season. We watched as Matt promised to keep the information to himself, and then turn around and share that information with other houseguests. A screaming match ensued with Kevin against Alex Ow, Raven Walton, and Matt. This was definitely a low light for the houseguests.

Next we dive into the showmances of Big Brother 19. Those included Cody & Jessica, Matt & Raven, and let’s not forget Mark Jansen and Elena Davies. We got to see a tender moment between Jessica and Cody when he divulged to Jessica that he was the father to a five year-old little girl. More interesting was the fight between Matt and Raven in the kitchen. This was aired on BBAD but somehow didn’t make the primetime show. Before their spat was over, there was some milk and a whole lot of cinnamon all over the kitchen and on both of them.That made for some entertaining television.

Big Brother Cinnamon Challenge

Big Brother decided to do a segment on Kevin including his debonair clothing, his sense of style, and his potential secretive ties to the mob.  We got to see a few of the famous duck faces but a Kevin duck face montage would have been much more entertaining. Kevin has provided many laughs throughout the season for the houseguests and as us, the viewers.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber

There was a segment on the animals in the Big Brother house, including a rat. Yes a real rat, that was feasting in the grungy kitchen.  Paul and Josh attempted to set a rat trap by luring the beast with food to no avail. The next animal highlighted in the Big Brother house was the snake. This wasn’t a real snake, but the one Dominique Cooper accused Paul of being when he really started to control the house. Why didn’t anyone listen to what she had to say? Dominique certainly had Paul’s number from early on in the season.

The most dramatic segment of this episode was the montage of tears shed this season, predominately in the diary room. From Mark to Josh and from Elena to Jessica, most all of the houseguests shed some tears this season. Cody was the only one that I noticed remained tear-free.

Big Brother 19 Final 3

Finally we got a sneak peek at the first round of the final Head of Household competition. In keeping with Big Brother tradition, this was an endurance competition that featured unicorns flying through the clouds. Each houseguest had their own unicorn and were instructed to hold onto the unicorn’s tail (aka a rope)while balancing on a tilting board.  With one of her feet still healing from the break, Christmas will certainly be at a disadvantage in this competition.

Will Paul win round 1 and proceed directly to round 3? We won’t know until the grand finale Wednesday evening.

Check back for all the Big Brother 19 spoilers and click here to see who won the first round of the HOH competition.

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