Big Brother 17 Recap: New HoH and a Favorite In Danger

On Big Brother 2015 tonight, a new Head of Household took power in the house and another round of eviction nominations paranoia went round and round. Once again, Vanessa Rousso was in the middle of it all trying to get her word in everyone’s ear to make sure everything goes her way. We still don’t feel CBS is actually showing even a decent taste of her constant machinations in the house.

Vanessa Rousso and her crocodile tears (CBS)
Vanessa Rousso and her crocodile tears (CBS)

Let’s be frank, CBS Big Brother hasn’t really been showing the Vanessa we see on the Big Brother Live Feeds on the TV show. We really wish they would devote a bit more time to letting the TV audience see just how much she is constantly pushing and pulling all the other HGs, even when she’s not actually HoH or even in a position of power. It’s just damn amazing how she’s managed to slip through the cracks week after week without ending up going out the door.

Sunday night on Big Brother 17, we’ll had end of another Head of Household Endurance Competition, as well as the next round of Eviction Nominations. Unlike most endurance competitions, the Live Feeds viewers missed out on a lot of this challenge because CBS kept blacking out the feeds at the worst moments. Grrrr.

We were truly hoping to see one of the underdogs, so to speak, win the Head of Household Competition. In particular (admitted bias), we were really rooting for Johnny Mac to take the prize, because otherwise he’s in serious danger of going home this week.

Sadly (for us at least), the last Big Brother 2015 contestant standing at the end of this challenge was Austin Matelson. Yes, that means another week of uncomfortably watching Austin manhandle Liz in the Head of Household room. And we do mean ‘handle’ her. (Shudder.) This also means that Johnny Mac has a big target on his back, and it’s going to take a crazy bit of luck and fast talking to save him.

Big Brother 17 Austin Matelson


Even though there was some very brief talk about putting Vanessa on the block, we knew it wasn’t going to happen. There was little doubt from the moment Austin won HoH that he would end up putting Steve and Johnny Mac up. Supposedly there is still a chance of backdooring Vanessa, but it’s not going to happen.

Because, no matter how much he talks about it, Austin is just not willing to put his balls on the line and get Vanessa out while he is Head of Household. Even worse, he’s still being highly influenced by her no matter how much he proclaims that she’s the fourth wheel of the Austwins.

Next up on Wednesday night, we’ll see who won Power of Veto, and find out if there is any hope that Johnny Mac might not go home this week.

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