Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 6 Block Nominations (08/12/22)

For the fourth straight week, a Leftovers member has been in control. They’re only a few evictions away from all securing their spot in the final seven. Big Brother 24 dominant alliances rarely make it all the way to the end together. At least one, or a few, are eliminated before they reach their goal. Outgoing Head of Household Michael Bruner considered going against the alliance but ultimately decided to stick with his crew.

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This led to Daniel Durston leaving the game.  Daniel was a major target for Taylor Hale, now she may have to find a new person to point her target at. She also must decide if that target is within The Leftovers. Taylor has been very loyal to The Leftovers, so she would have to totally change her game plans by taking one of them out on her HOH reign.  She has placed her target at one of the unofficially titled Convenience Store alliance. The remaining members are Terrance Higgins, Jasmine Davis, Alyssa Snider, and Indy Santos. 

It’s Jasmine’s birthday week, so Taylor let her know on Thursday that she had no plans to target her this week. This only left Taylor with three options, if she decided to only nominate and target Convenience Store members. The Pound alliance discussed trying to get out Indy this week because she performed the best amongst the Convenience Store members in the Wall Competition.

She could be their biggest physical threat. Taylor felt betrayed by Terrance, who she considered a friend but found out he was plotting against her. He was also more loyal to Daniel, her biggest game enemy. Some Leftovers members expected her to at least nominate Terrance this week.

So who did Taylor nominate this week? Read below to find out!



Taylor nominated Terrance and Indy for eviction.

Taylor lied to Indy and Terrance about neither of them being her target. She said it was Monte. If nominations stay the same, Taylor wants Terrance out. However, there was some talk about putting up Alyssa if noms change. It’ll be interesting to say what happens post-Veto.

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