Big Brother 24 Week 6 Head of Household (HOH) (08/11/22)

Big Brother 24 reaches quite a few milestones this week. It’s the end of the infamous Festie Bestie twist and the start of the Big Brother 24 jury section of the game. It’s also the week before a new twist that splits the house in two, which all leads to a double eviction like no other. This week also brings back a fan favorite competition, the Wall Comp. The Wall Comp Head of Household winner will have the glory of the win, but the stress of being vulnerable to eviction in the double eviction.

Usually, The Wall Comp lasts for hours, as houseguests push their bodies to try to outlast their competitors. We sometimes see deals being made, only to be broken later, or controversial falls, or houseguests even urinating on themselves–yes the Wall Comp really can bring anything. We’ll have to wait to see what this year’s Wall Comp brings.  Luckily for us, it’ll be happening live on the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds. This means we can give you all the updates as they happen in real-time.

Read below for all the updates on this week’s Head of Household Competition.



Before the episode ended, Jasmine fell off.

The houseguests get slimmed and also some objects are thrown at them. Then Brittany falls, followed soon by Terrance.

Click the images to get a closer look T the Big Brother 24 Wall Comp.

The wall goes down pretty far, then Monte falls, followed by Alyssa. Indy falls later. This leaves Joseph, Taylor, Turner, and Kyle as the final four in the comp.

Turner is out. Then Joseph fell next. It came down to Kyle and Taylor. Kyle falls.

Taylor is the new HoH!

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