Who Went Home On Big Brother 24 Tonight? (8/11/22)

This week has been pretty calm in the Big Brother 24 house with Michael Bruner as the Head of Household. He is a member of the Leftovers alliance, and they have stuck to their original plan. At the beginning of the week, Terrance Higgins, Joseph Abdin, and Monte Davis were nominated to the block.

Big Brother 24 Eviction

After Michael won the Power of Veto again this week, he decided to follow through with the plan to evict Daniel Durston. He used the POV to bring down the three previously mentioned houseguests and replaced them with Daniel and his Festie Bestie Kyle Capener. Will Daniel follow his BFF out the door tonight? Let’s find out.

Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony Aftermath

Michael decided that although Monte was a threat in the Big Brother 24 house, he wanted to wait and send Daniel home this week. Michael isn’t quite ready to shake up the game and disband his Leftovers alliance at this point in the game.

The other side of the Big Brother 24 house is suspicious that Michael pulled Monte off the block because he is such a significant threat in the game. The only reason to pull him off the block would be because they work together in the same alliance. BINGO!

A Showmance Hits Some Road Bumps

Daniel is sitting on the block next to Kyle, so it would help his chances of staying in the game if he could get houseguests to vote out Kyle instead of him. Daniel knows that when they held the POV power last week when Alyssa Snider (Kyle’s showmance partner) was on the block, he had no intentions of using the power to save Alyssa.

BB24 Alyssa Daniel

This raised red flags for Daniel, who finally decided to share those thoughts with Alyssa. Sheat Kyul was quite surprised that Kyle did not want to save her. She was also shocked that he was probably working with the other side of the Big Brother 24 house.

Joseph Plays Double Agent

The other side of the house approached Joseph about the alliance in place. They have no idea that he is part of that house majority alliance. Joseph decided to keep it that way and see what information he could obtain from the “others.”

After a few conversations, the other side of the house has no idea Joseph is in an alliance. They feel as though they have his vote. He wants to keep it this way in case one of them wins HOH so he will be safe and not in danger of being nominated to the block.

Week Five Live Eviction Vote

The time has arrived for the live vote and eviction for the week. Daniel gave an interesting last-minute appeal for votes by calling out Michael and Monte working together. He called the houseguests a bunch of clowns and bozos, and if they vote him out, the season will just be boring going forward. Michael will win the season. Kyle was much more reserved in his speech and just asked to stay in the Big Brother 24 house.

The votes were as follows:

Monte voted to evict Daniel
Brittany Hoopes voted to evict Daniel
Matt Turner voted to evict Daniel
Alyssa voted to evict Daniel
Taylor Hale voted to evict Daniel
Indy Santos voted to evict Daniel
Jasmine Davis voted to evict Daniel
Joseph voted to evict Daniel
Terrance voted to evict Kyle

With a vote of 8 to 1, Daniel was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house. He said goodbye to Terrance but did not say goodbye or hug any of the other houseguests. During his interview with host Julie Chen, Daniel strongly feels Michael will win this season. He thinks he is one of the best players to play in a while.

BB24 Julie Chen Daniel Durston

Julie announced the remaining houseguests. She informed them that the Festie Bestie twist was officially over. She also told them that all houseguests would be on the jury or the final two.

Week Six Head of Household Competition

The infamous endurance wall has finally made its way into the Big Brother 24 house.  This competition is called Conspiracy Fest. The goal is to hold onto the wall and be the last person standing. That houseguest will be the next HOH and have the power to nominate two houseguests to the block for eviction.


Julie announced that next Thursday, there will be a special 2-hour event where the Big Brother 24 house will split in two for the first time ever. Yes, that means there will be two games of Big Brother being played simultaneously, and the two groups of houseguests will have no interaction with each other. This will play out all week long, where a double eviction will cap things off. This is certainly a Big Brother first.

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Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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