Big Brother 17 Rankings: Who’s On Top In Week 3?

Our Big Brother 17 rankings are in for week three, and you might be surprised who we’ve put on top this time around. We don’t tend to rank by who we think is most powerful in the house. Instead, we’re all about long-term survivability.

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So who do we think has the best chance right now of making it to the final three? Check out our Big Brother rankings this week and find out!

14. Jeff Weldon – Jeff will be evicted tonight via backdoor for a lot of reasons. I think one huge reason is because Austin is jealous of the twin sharing a bed with him, but his gameplay was the overall reason why. I thought he would be targeted for competing on The Amazing Race, which has nothing to do with his eviction, but his lack of social game and targeting Austin early on also played a role.

13. Meg Maley – It is not good to lose a close ally this week, but her chances of going up and out are extremely high. The Sixth Sense alliance is targeting the After Dark Crew (James, Jason, Meg and Jeff now gone). I think Meg needs to win an HOH to avoid the block this week, but she’s in extreme danger of following Jeff out the door.

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12. Jason Roy – Same as with Meg because they have little connection with the dominant alliance. They want to take out the entire side of the house, however, Jason I believe is a better competitor and smarter than Meg, so he will be able to outlast her if they are up. The Battle of the Block the last two weeks is the only reason he is still in the game and at some point your luck will run out.

11. James Huling – Like Jason & Meg, he’s simply targeted for being on the other side of the house. He lacks social game with the others and many in the house aren’t trying to work with him. For James, he doesn’t have enough game knowledge to see that the target on his back is huge. He did not make enough connections being the first HOH, and that is a large role in why his target is big.

10. Austin Matelslon – Jason has already started targeting him over Audrey based on his comments this week. Austin could be in trouble if he winds up on the block post POV because he’s a large and threatening figure. Who wouldn’t vote him out? He won HOH even though he was dethroned and finished top two in the Power of Veto this week. But he has the Sixth Sense protecting him.

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9. Julia/Liz Nolan – They are still in danger because they are twins and if the wrong two people win HOH it could be game over for them. I think Vanessa made a mistake telling Clay and Shelli, who could use this as leverage if the minority alliance wins HOH to take the target off their backs. Surviving two more weeks is going to be tough, but the goal is within reach.

8. Audrey Middleton – Her target is sinking fast, but she is still in hot water. Her only allies do not trust her one bit and they are keeping her in the game. I think Audrey’s going to be around for awhile before she makes her move and I think laying low is what is best for Audrey. Without Da’vonne in the game to call her out, I think it helps improve her social game.

7. Jackie Ibarra – Oh Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. She might be invisible to many of you, but she’s not really in any immediate danger of going home. She’s a laid back Victoria with a little less of a personality. But with Jeff going it just makes things even easier for her because now she has no close allies and just looks like an easy out. I think Jackie though, would side with Jason, Becky, John, Becky before the others so they should be wary if she gets into power.

6. Steve Moses – Steve finally has an alliance in place as he is working with Austin, Vanessa, Liz/Julia — who are working with Clay and Shelli. I think he’s in a good position because the other side of the house will not target him before those five, but Steve could use an HOH win. I think he needs to socialize with the other houseguests a little more.


5. Vanessa Rousso – I am shocked how she dropped because earlier last week she was playing such a great game. But her over the top fake fight with Jeff was dumb and I could see her in some trouble this week. A lot are seeing the Austin/Vanessa alliance and they have not done a good job at hiding it. I also think a fatal move was telling Clay and Shelli about the twins.

4. Clay Honeycutt – Still top five because I can’t see him going home pre-jury with the alliance he is and the secrets he knows. He has the information to sink Austin/Vanessa before he and Shelli are in trouble. Clay’s wisely playing sociable and smart, but his biggest problem is being cocky. He thinks it’s smooth sailing and with the BB Takeover nothing ever is.

3. Johnny Mac – How is it no one views him as a threat after he continues to win Power of Veto? Johnny Mac said the most important thing in the Diary Room the other day. He said he is going to come after those people who are asking him to throw these competitions. John and Becky are such an invisible, aka dangerous duo.

2. Shelli Poole – Shelli has Clay as a human shield and if they wind up together it’s likely he will go home over her. Having a dominant alliance on your side is working out well and it does not look like she’s in any danger next week or before jury. All she has to do is keep socializing with the house and she will be fine for weeks.

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1. Becky Burgess – Who is targeting her? I think she is the one player that everyone overlooks this season and not just the feedsters, but the houseguest s well. I have yet to hear anyone say Becky’s a threat! She’s going to be around for a long time in this game and that makes her a dangerous player. She’s sitting quietly, but watch and see. At some point Becky will surprise you.

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